U.S Christmas – Eat the Low Dogs

Or else one of the most underrated albums out there. It’s damn’ shame that this magnificent album is so underrated. Hello. Lately i’ve been listening to this album called ”Eat the Low Dogs” by a band called U.S Christmas. A rather unusual name for a band in my opinion. The band was formed back in 2002 in the United States. ”Eat the Low Dogs” was released back in 2008. Nine tracks are included in this psychedelic masterpiece. And when i say masterpiece i mean it 100%. Everything in this album seems to fit appropriately. From the first song what you get is a certain sense of epicness. Here what we have is a great soundscape where 70’s heavy space rock and sludge/stoner metal mix and match perfectly. So this is my suggestion for the day. Just sit back, relax and listen to this album. It’s about sixty minutes that i promise you, you won’t regret. No favorite songs here. Just listen from the first to the last song. Link:


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