Today we recommend Bone Dance and Loma Prieta

Actually, here’s two albums that blew my mind recently. We start with Bone Dance.

  • Bone Dance – I have lived like an animal, but i will die like an angel.

Bone Dance is a chaotic hardcore band from Boise, Idaho, United States. Back in 2009 they released this kick-ass album with its really long title. Ten tracks are included in this album. In my opinion what we have here is a great combination of hardcore, sludge, grindcore, extreme metal e.t.c. They combined it all perfectly and they created one of the best hardcore albums of the last ten years. Here’s a link where you can listen to the whole album:

  • Loma Prieta – Last City

A friend of mine actually had recommended me Loma Prieta. Really nice band in my opinion. The band comes from San Fransisco, United States. As for their music one could describe it as chaotic hardcore perhaps. The thing is genres come and go. Originality is what matters. ”Last City” was released back in 2008. Ten tracks are included in this album as well. This is a more melodic, atmospheric album but make no mistake it is really heavy as it should be. Check it out:


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