Green Yeti, Amniac, Supersoul & Mock the Mankind live @ Bums Blackbird, 21/03.

It’s time for a live report (well sort of). Yesterday i decided to go to this live gig in Athens. The club is called Bums Blackbird. And its underground stage proved to be trully underground. Well, some friends that came to the live were late as usual so i decided to order a beer. The place where the live took place, i think must had been an old warehouse or something like that. Nevertheless its walls were covered with some impressive graffitis. I’ ve never seen Diamanda Galas, Jack White and Johnny Cash drawn like that (and in the same place) before in my life. Friends finally came. Five minutes later (about 21:15) Mock the Mankind stormed the stage. This is actually a new band. They played their songs from their upcoming full length, debut album which i find them to be great. Instrumental, post, psychedelic doom metal at its best. Next band was Supersoul. Until yesterday i had no freakin’ idea about Supersoul. Nevertheless the truth is that they made many heads turn with their heavy blues/ stoner rock/ metal blend. After Supersoul it was time for Amniac to go up on stage and do their thing. We have already talked about Amniac in this blog. Back in 2014 they released an impressive debut album. Up on stage they performed their songs greatly and i think that the band delivered. Unfortunatelly i had to leave earlier than i expected so i missed Green Yeti. This is a great band as well. Check out this link over here and you’ ll see what i’m saying: ( I didn’t like the fact i missed the last band but i definitely had a great time. Until the next time then.


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