Today we recommend Bone Dance and Loma Prieta

Actually, here’s two albums that blew my mind recently. We start with Bone Dance.

  • Bone Dance – I have lived like an animal, but i will die like an angel.

Bone Dance is a chaotic hardcore band from Boise, Idaho, United States. Back in 2009 they released this kick-ass album with its really long title. Ten tracks are included in this album. In my opinion what we have here is a great combination of hardcore, sludge, grindcore, extreme metal e.t.c. They combined it all perfectly and they created one of the best hardcore albums of the last ten years. Here’s a link where you can listen to the whole album:

  • Loma Prieta – Last City

A friend of mine actually had recommended me Loma Prieta. Really nice band in my opinion. The band comes from San Fransisco, United States. As for their music one could describe it as chaotic hardcore perhaps. The thing is genres come and go. Originality is what matters. ”Last City” was released back in 2008. Ten tracks are included in this album as well. This is a more melodic, atmospheric album but make no mistake it is really heavy as it should be. Check it out:

Green Yeti, Amniac, Supersoul & Mock the Mankind live @ Bums Blackbird, 21/03.

It’s time for a live report (well sort of). Yesterday i decided to go to this live gig in Athens. The club is called Bums Blackbird. And its underground stage proved to be trully underground. Well, some friends that came to the live were late as usual so i decided to order a beer. The place where the live took place, i think must had been an old warehouse or something like that. Nevertheless its walls were covered with some impressive graffitis. I’ ve never seen Diamanda Galas, Jack White and Johnny Cash drawn like that (and in the same place) before in my life. Friends finally came. Five minutes later (about 21:15) Mock the Mankind stormed the stage. This is actually a new band. They played their songs from their upcoming full length, debut album which i find them to be great. Instrumental, post, psychedelic doom metal at its best. Next band was Supersoul. Until yesterday i had no freakin’ idea about Supersoul. Nevertheless the truth is that they made many heads turn with their heavy blues/ stoner rock/ metal blend. After Supersoul it was time for Amniac to go up on stage and do their thing. We have already talked about Amniac in this blog. Back in 2014 they released an impressive debut album. Up on stage they performed their songs greatly and i think that the band delivered. Unfortunatelly i had to leave earlier than i expected so i missed Green Yeti. This is a great band as well. Check out this link over here and you’ ll see what i’m saying: ( I didn’t like the fact i missed the last band but i definitely had a great time. Until the next time then.

Jeru The Damaja – The Sun rises in the East

Today i wanted to talk to you about an album that is considered to be a classic one, at least in the hip hop world. Jeru the Damaja is a rapper from Brooklyn, New York. ”The Sun rises in the East” is his debut album, released back in 1994. Many people believe that it is one of the best hip hop albus ever recorded. It was produced by Dj Premier. I remember watching a video on youtube where another hip hop artist (Talib Kweli) mentioned Jeru. Just out of plain curiosity i decided to check out this artist whose name i’ ve never heard before. So that was the first time i came across ”The Sun rises in the East”. Thirteen tracks are included in this album. Approximately 21 years have passed since its release but the feeling i’ve got is that it never gets old. Certainly the most known track from this album is ”come clean”. In my opinion this a track that can be easily described as hardcore. It is a true delight to hear Jeru rap in this track. And certainly that minimal beat sticks easily in your mind. 1994 was a time where hip hop was slightly different than it is today. Just watch the video clip made for ”come clean” and you’ ll see what i’m saying here. Nevertheless, despite what most people believe, i consider ”ain’t the devil happy” to be the album’s best track. It is trully one hell of a track. The way i see it the lyrics of this song are great. Don’t forget that we’ re talking about hip hop here. Lyrics and verbal abilities are extremely important. Again you can find a sick beat here, dope as hell. Minimalistic yet great. And of course you must also check out ”My Mind spray”. I consider this track to be an atmospheric one. Again it stands out for its minimalistic, dope beat and for Jeru’s great mcing. Another great track from ”the sun rises in the east” is ”Brooklyn took it”. To be honest i’ve been listening to this album for three weeks straight now. And to be honest i can’t seem to stop. In my opinion these thirteen tracks form a great atmospheric album. An album characterized by Jeru’s excellent rimes and mcing, as well as its excellent beats. Definitely recommended for hip hop fans but not only for them. Here is a link where you can listen to ”The Sun rises in the East”: (