Eden Demise – Triumph Over Adversity

Back today with another review to share with you some fine hardcore from Athens this time. Eden Demise is a four piece, metallic hardcore band from Athens Greece. The band was formed back in 2004. I first saw them live when they opened for Kickback when the french band played here at An club. I was quite impressed by the way they performed their songs. So it was an easy decision for me. I decided to check them out. ”Triumph over Adversity” is Eden Demise’s new full length album. It was released back in december. Nine tracks are included in this album. Their sound is a nice blend of nyhc and european hardcore as it also mentioned in their bandcamp page. I must say they have put it quite eloquently. Through ”Trimph over Adversity” the band delivers strong and intense hardcore music. Find here nice beatdown and kataclysmic/ fast parts. One thing that made an impression on me is definitely their singer’s vocals. Quite awesome i must say. As for favorite tracks, these would have to be ”Willpower” and ”Stronghold”. Nevertheless it’s not only about these two songs. Here what we have is nine tracks that should be played really loud. In my opinion ”Triuph over Adversity” is another example of the great things that are happening here in our local scene. Exaggerating perhaps? Here are some links where you can also check out ”Triumph over Adversity”:


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