Primitive Man – Home Is Where The Hatred Is

Hey everybody. Good day to you all. I got up today, made myself a big mug of coffee and just stared outside. It’s a great shinny day here in Athens. What i also did, was to listen to Primitive Man’s new album ep. It was a decision that i will not certainly regret. In my opinion the band from Denver, Colorado is one of the heaviest, sickest, dopest bands that exist out there. I still remember the first time i listened to ”Scorn”. It was a familiar sound yet something post-apocalyptic to me. I mean someone could wonder ”how much sicker, darker and mean can it get?”. I guess Primitive Man have the answer to that. But let us get back to the ep. ”Home is where hated is” was released on the 17th of February. It actually includes four songs. First song is called ”Loathe”. So let the Apocalypse begin. What can one say about a song like that? Well, in my opinion it’s one of the best songs i’ ve listened to in a long time. Check out these great riffs and those tremendous basslines. And as for their vocals, it definitely sounds like old school times. Next track is called ”Downfall”. A furious, epic track in my opinion. But make no fucking mistake. There is no hope in this dark cosmos. Only torment awaits one here. The journey continues with ”Bag Man”. This is an even more ”black metal” track if you will. Nevertheless it sounds perfectly balanced. It’s agreat track as well. There’s no doubt about it. The album ends with ”A Marriage with Nothingness”. It’s an instrumental track that works perfectly as an outro. Nice. Definitely one of the best releases i’ve listened to in months. It’s a great ep and it is also highly recommended. Find here some links about the ep and the band:


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