Kooba Tercu – Kooba Tercu

Or else, one of the most intriguing albums i’ ve listened to in months. But let’s start this review in a more proper manner. Kooba Tercu come from Athens, Greece. Their music is a trully exciting blend of punk, math rock and alternative/ psychedelic metal. On the 26th of January they released their self titled, full length Lp. Well this album has been for me an utterly strange but also fascinating experience. I mean in the beginning i wasn’t sure if i should hate this album or totally love it. It turned out to be the second. ”Kooba Tercu” includes ten tracks. This album is like an orgiastic festivity. Trully beautiful soundscapes mix wih each other. And i have to admit, today it’s hard for me to use my usual cliche phrases like ”oh this part reminds of this, this of that e.t.c”. No, i don’t think i can do that. Certainly you’ ll find a lot of influences in their songs. But the thing is their influences are so damn beautifully distilled. O.k i’m going to try to rephrase that. Originality here is the case. And for sure too damn’ good songwriting. Just check out songs like ”Batman”, ”Chika” and ”Squirting Squid”. Especially ”Squirting Squid” is an excellent track in my opinion. As for a favorite track? Again i would have to say that there’s no favorite track. I liked all tracks. Well to be honest i didn’t really adore ”Ukunta”. But the thing is the rest of the tracks are too damn good. Production wise i believe this album is very good also. So what can one expect from this album? In my opinon one can definitely expect genuine, awesome music. Even in the beginning if you think ”fuck it, this shit’s too complicated” like i did, you must not give up on this album. It’s absolutely worth trying. Well, at least that’s my opinon. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Kooba Tercu”:





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