Eden Demise – Triumph Over Adversity

Back today with another review to share with you some fine hardcore from Athens this time. Eden Demise is a four piece, metallic hardcore band from Athens Greece. The band was formed back in 2004. I first saw them live when they opened for Kickback when the french band played here at An club. I was quite impressed by the way they performed their songs. So it was an easy decision for me. I decided to check them out. ”Triumph over Adversity” is Eden Demise’s new full length album. It was released back in december. Nine tracks are included in this album. Their sound is a nice blend of nyhc and european hardcore as it also mentioned in their bandcamp page. I must say they have put it quite eloquently. Through ”Trimph over Adversity” the band delivers strong and intense hardcore music. Find here nice beatdown and kataclysmic/ fast parts. One thing that made an impression on me is definitely their singer’s vocals. Quite awesome i must say. As for favorite tracks, these would have to be ”Willpower” and ”Stronghold”. Nevertheless it’s not only about these two songs. Here what we have is nine tracks that should be played really loud. In my opinion ”Triuph over Adversity” is another example of the great things that are happening here in our local scene. Exaggerating perhaps? Here are some links where you can also check out ”Triumph over Adversity”:


Torche – Restarter

So lately, everybody kept talking about this band that i’ ve never heard before. Actually a frind of mine told me ” Dude you should check out this band ”. Well, you know, i decided to listen. Torche is a four piece band from the United States. The band was formed back in 2004. Their music is a blend of sludge/ groove metal and a lot of heavy rock. ”Restarter” is their fourth full length album. I’ve only heard their last album so i can’t really talk about their three previous albums. Restarter includes twelve songs. What made an impression on me from the very beginning is the band’s vocals. I must say i enjoyed listening to these guys singing. Torche’s music is undeniably heavy. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. Their monumental riffs and their gigantic basslines speak for themselves. From time to time they reminded me a bit of Kylesa and Baroness. Nevertheless it is quite clear to me that the band has developed a style of its own. For example check out ”Believe it”. See how old school/ epic vocals blend with this sludgy/ filthy rhythm. Now ”Believe it” is a great song. Nevertheless if i should pick a favorite song from this album then i think ”Blasted” would have to be the one. I would really like to hear this song live. If you want some more heaviness perhaps then you should definitely check out the two bonus tracks. Especially ”Harmonslaught” is heavy as fuck. Overall i would have to say i’m glad i found this band. In my opinion ”Restarter” is a very good album. Specially recommended for fans of Kylesa, Baroness and Mastodon.

Primitive Man – Home Is Where The Hatred Is

Hey everybody. Good day to you all. I got up today, made myself a big mug of coffee and just stared outside. It’s a great shinny day here in Athens. What i also did, was to listen to Primitive Man’s new album ep. It was a decision that i will not certainly regret. In my opinion the band from Denver, Colorado is one of the heaviest, sickest, dopest bands that exist out there. I still remember the first time i listened to ”Scorn”. It was a familiar sound yet something post-apocalyptic to me. I mean someone could wonder ”how much sicker, darker and mean can it get?”. I guess Primitive Man have the answer to that. But let us get back to the ep. ”Home is where hated is” was released on the 17th of February. It actually includes four songs. First song is called ”Loathe”. So let the Apocalypse begin. What can one say about a song like that? Well, in my opinion it’s one of the best songs i’ ve listened to in a long time. Check out these great riffs and those tremendous basslines. And as for their vocals, it definitely sounds like old school times. Next track is called ”Downfall”. A furious, epic track in my opinion. But make no fucking mistake. There is no hope in this dark cosmos. Only torment awaits one here. The journey continues with ”Bag Man”. This is an even more ”black metal” track if you will. Nevertheless it sounds perfectly balanced. It’s agreat track as well. There’s no doubt about it. The album ends with ”A Marriage with Nothingness”. It’s an instrumental track that works perfectly as an outro. Nice. Definitely one of the best releases i’ve listened to in months. It’s a great ep and it is also highly recommended. Find here some links about the ep and the band:

Genocide District – Scourge

Hello. We’ re back today with yet another review. Actually i just got back from Helsinki where i went to this awesome live show. Dj Shadow and Cut Chemist rocked the place. Anyways, i’ m back to basis from my small vacation. In my constant search for music that i can relate to i found this awesome ep. The band is called Genocide District. It’s actually a four piece/ metallic hardcore band from the United States. Their music is a blend of hardcore and death metal. ”Scourge” ep is their newest release. Five tracks are included in this ep. This is good ol’ cataclysmic hardcore if i may say. I mean it’s insanely heavy of course and what you can find here is these great beatdown parts. Oh yes you’ ll find a lot of beatdown hardcore parts. You’ ll definitely like how death metal mixes and matches here. It actually makes this ep even more heavier of course. Productionwise the outcome is perfect in my opinion. And surely what i liked from the beginning is their great vocals, both hardcore and brutal/ death metal ones. Be sure to check out songs like ”Good Riddance” and ”Soul Assassin”. This ep is definitely recommended to all hardcore fans. Here are some links where you can also check out ”Scourge” ep: