Khariot – Esoteric

Some death metal perhaps? Yes Sir! Khariot is a two piece, death metal band from Perth, Australia. ”Esoteric” ,which was released on the 23rd of January, is their newest release. Seven tracks are included in today’s album. Now, how would one describe such a record? Progressive death metal or technical death metal perhaps? I can’t say i’m sure. The thing is their music brought me back in the day where bands like Death, Cynic, Sadus and Atheist were huge. In a sense these bands are still huge. But let us get back to the album. The way i see it ”Esoteric” incorporates everything you like in death metal. First of all you’ ve got great death metal vocals. I liked their singer’s vocals. Even when this guy growls he does it in a great manner. This album has this cold, dark atmosphere that we first came across with old school death metal. Find in this album excellent riffage and great drumming also. Take for example ”A Guilty Conjecture”. I didn’t expect to find this jazzy rhythm there. But how awesome is that? I think it’s great that there are still bands that play this kind of stuff. Favorite track perhaps? To be honest i don’t want to single out one track here. That’s how i feel. Well, in my attempt to reach a conclusion i would have to say that ”Esoteric” is a really good record. Perhaps album of the month so far. Specially recommended for death metal fans, but not only for them. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Esoteric”:


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