Mysticum – Planet Satan

Norwegian black metal veterans released back in 2014 their second full length album called ”Planet Satan”. It’s been a while actually if you think that ”In the Streams of Inferno” was released back in 1996. Unfortuanately they haven’t been as productive as we had expected. Nevertheless the the thing is that they’ re back with a new album and that is what matters. Mysticum is perhaps the first band to ever blend black metal with industrial music. Years before ”Rebel Extravaganzza”, ”666 International”come out. First time i listened to ”In the Streams of Inferno” i was a bit puzzled. I had never before listened to something like that in my life. I think that album overshadowed all listeners with its hellish rhythm and raw power. I think that ”Planet Satan” is the same case here. Find here eight songs. Pure black metal is what you’ re going to get. Old school yet not so old school at the same time.  I mean there’s still that cold, dark atmosphere that we first came across in their first album. Sharp black metal riffs are gonna definitely going to come out of your soundsystem. Oh and blastbeats of course. Lots of them. Yet there is something that differentiates this band from other black metal or extreme metal bands. I’ m talking about this industrial/ electro sound that you get. In my opinion it is trully effective. In a way it makes the album even darker and colder. Obviously these guys have been in the game for many years. They know exactly how to do this. Favorite song from this album? I think it would have to be ”Fist of Satan”. This album is highly recommended, especially for fans of Dodheimsgard, Limbonic Art, Thorns. Here are some links where you can also check out ”Planet Satan”:


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