Rosetta: Audio​/​Visual Original Score

Good news everybody. Rosetta are back with another release and more stuff are expected in 2015. We  have already talked about the band in a previous release, when they released the ”Anaesthete”. That album was dope. And if you still haven’t heard it then do yourself a favor and check it out immediately. Well the band is back with this release. It is actually their music contribution to a film by Justin Jackson called ”Rosetta: Audio/Visual”. You can check out the film here: ( Today’s album is different than their previous two releases. Well, it is actually a fully instrumental, ambient album. Nevertheless the significant ambience and epicness that you get while listening to Rosetta albums are still here. Listening to this album certain words and phrases come to mind. Like esoteric music if you like. This is nice music to chill, to think about certain stuff, or to re-evaluate some things perhaps. This album gives you a cold feeling. Nevertheless it welcomes you to discover it. Personally i found myself traveling to distant landscapes. Perhaps this is more of a cliche but this album has been a hell of a ride. Totally worth it in my opinion. Check it out and you’ ll see what i’m saying.


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