Samurai Champloo Music Record: Departure

How many of you out there like anime and manga? Personally i can’t say i’m the biggest anime fan in the world but i have to say that ”Akira” was a great movie.What we have here today is a soundtrack from the anime series ”Samurai Champloo”. It is actually the second of four soundtracks that were released for this show. This soundtrack was released about ten years ago. It was produced by Nujabes (Dj/ producer) and Fat John (Mc/ producer). First of all Jun Seba (a.k.a Nujabes) rest in peace. I think he created some really exquisite music. He combined styles like hip hop and acid jazz, creating a style of his own that sounded to me atmospheric and nostalgic. Some people may claim that he sounded a lot like Dj Krush but personally i do not agree. Nevertheless atmospheric and nostalgic are not sufficient enough to describe this music. You really have to experience this enchanting music from Nujabes. This album will definitely surprise you in a good way. Many times i was like ”Damn, i certainly didn’t expect that he was going to drop that beat”. Take for example ”Aruarian Dance” which is also the album’s third track. That’s one massive track. So much beauty can be found in this track. It may be a cliche but everything seems to fit here. I think that production wise this is one hell of a track. To be followed by another great track called ”Kujaku”. Forgive me but i do not know any japanese. Nevertheless music, as it has been said before, is a universal language. Check out Kujaku’s nice jazzy rhythm. But wait. There is even more. ”Mystline” is an absolutely awesome track. You must devote time to yourself and listen to this track. It is certain that you will not regret it. Your mind will travel to distant landscapes. Beautiful and fascinating lands like the ones that are depicted on anime series. In my opinion this album is a masterpiece. For many years it was an uknown jewel for me. It is an excellent sample of atmospheric music if you will. The show was good enough (a bit melancholic i guess but still it was nice). Here you can check out Departure:


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