B.SON ( black shape of nexus ) – b​.​son ( black shape of nexus )

It’s Tuesdady, one day before year’s eve and today we’ re back with a new review. Today what we have for you is a super heavy album from B.Son (Black Shape of Nexus). B.Son is a six piece band from Mannheim, Germany. Today’s self titled, five track albm was released on the 15th of December.This album is insanely heavy. I think it encompasses everything that we like about sludge/ doom. Massive guitars. Check out their great, monolithic riffs. And of course those bass- lines of theirs gave me the chills. Their songs are last really long. It’s an experience that you can’t miss to loose. Or you can think of their songs like a dark, mystical liturgy that’s coming out of your soundsystem. Don’t be surprised if you see images of bisons storming inside. The heaviness of this album is beyond any reach. Their vocals are seriously god and the impression i got is that they accompany perfectly their music. Or they act as an extra really effective instrument if you will. Favorite tracks perhaps? I would have to say all of them. But if i should really pick one or two than these tracks would have to be ”IV” and ”II”. Actually they have named the second track as ”IV” and the third one as ”II”. The point is that this band is seriously good. I had no idea about B.Son. Personally they made a fan of me. Needless to say that doom/ sludge fans should check out this album. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Links:


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