Lair – (2007)


A friend of mine was kind enough to lend me this game called ”Lair”. First of all i was fascinated on how it looked. I mean, come on now. Dragons, warships, fortresses. This game had to be good. It was actually released back in 2007 for ps3. PS was the only platform for this game. The scenario was cool enough. Big volcanos start eruptin’, causin’ huge problems to people. So what the people did here was to divide themselves into two tribes. The Mokai who do not have any resources and are in serious need of them, and the Asylians who have plenty of resources and are also really sophisticated and stuff. As i said cool senario in my opinion. I don’t think you’ ll get excited with the graphics, but must i remind you that this game was released back in 2007. The interesting thing is that you don’t just have to hold the joystick. You must use it to steer your dragon. I must say i quite enjoyed it, eventhough some missions were not so interesting as i expected them to be. Also from time to time those dragons kept flying really slow. So many times i have to admit i was like ”are we there yet?”.


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