Baptists – Bloodmines

Baptists is a four piece metallic hardcore band from Vancouver, B.C, Canada. The band was formed back in 2010. The first album i ever heard from them was a s/t album that they had released some years ago. That album was dope. So when i found out that the band had released a new album i was really eager to listen to it. Thus i did. Well, they still sound great. Eleven tracks are included in ”Bloodmines”. What we have here is agressive, uncompromising music. Heavy riffs is definitely something that you will find here. Also many Converge influences are traceable. Apart from any influences, well, i won’t lie. I love songs like ”Wanting”. This is music that i can easily relate to. ”Vistas” is also an amazing song. I believe it’s my favorite from this album. But it’s not only about these two songs. Once you’ ll press play, rest assure you will not want to do anything else but to listen to this album. This album definitely transmits a huge amount of energy. It needs to be heard loud. So be sure to turn the volume up a bit. I quite enjoyed this one. I think the band delivered an awesome album. Till the next one:


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