Big Dilemmas in life

Here we’ re going to try to deal with some dilemmas, that perhaps many people have dealt with in their lives. I’m not so sure if we’ re going to be successful but here goes.

1. Iron Maiden vs Metallica.

Very tough to answer. Both of them are huge bands. Both of them have written incredible songs. I realize the fact that ”Seventh Son of a seventh Son” may be better than any Metallica album and that Bruce Dickinson has a far better voice than James Hetfield. Nevertheless i am going to pick Metallica. One of my favorite bands of my teenagehood. The first album that i ever bought in my life was the Black Album. Yeap it’s going to be Metallica.

2. Teenage mutant ninja turtles vs The Transformers

These two used to be two of my most favorite shows on tv. I remember how cool optimus prime and other characters used to look like. Nevertheless the ninja turtles used to be my favorite. Even though it used to be a trippy show. I mean we are talking about some gigantic turtles and a huge rat that all of them can speak. The bad guy is a brain that is living inside a robot or somethin’. But when i was a kid for some reason it looked cool to me.

3. Hip hop vs Hardcore

Now what we have here is two different genres. People over the years keep asking me: ”why do hip hop artists and hardcore artists wear the same clothes e.t.c ” ? The answer is i don’t know. What i know is that we have seen many collaborations. Collaborations like Sick of it all and Krs One, Biohazard and Cypress Hill. I don’t have the answer why some artists dress in a similar way or why they like each other’s music so much. Personally i like two genres. Perhaps hardcore i like a little more.

4. Black Metal vs Death Metal

Oh man, this is so hard for me to decide. I still remember when heard for the first time in my life bands like Entombed and At the Gates. That was pure awesomeness for me. But then again a friend of mine gave me the ”Transylvanian Album” to listen to. That was it for me. I’ m gonna pick black metal. Even though it’s different from death metal it’s not so far from it.

5. Pizza vs Souvlakia 

I ain’t so sure. My favorite is definitely pizza. But souvlakia are always welcomed. Think about a champions league night. For example Manchester City vs Barcelona F.C. What are you going to order? I think most would order pizza.

6. Black Sabbath with Ozzy vs Black Sabbath without Ozzy

First of all Ronnie James Dio rest in peace. One of the best singers out there. Definitely Dio had a far better voice than Ozzy. And as a friend of mine once said to me, Ozzy could have never sang the songs Sabbath wrote with Dio. In my opinion that is true. Nevertheless for me it’s Ozzy Osbourne. I can not imagine Black Sabbath without Ozzy’s voice.

7. Slayer vs Sepultura

Here we have the greatest thrash metal bands of all time. Well Sepultura have altered their sound significantly but when we talk about thrash metal we must always mention albums like ”Beneath the Remains”. Hmmm, i ‘m gonna pick Sepultura, even though i like Slayer too much.

8. Batman vs Superman

Hard to say. Batman has these gadgets. Superman has superpowers. They both wear their underpants outside of their pants. I think i’m gonna go with Batman. Better story in my opinion. And also Batman has to face cooler villains. At least that’s my opinion.

9. Old school Black Metal vs New School Black Metal

I’m gonna pick both. I love old school stuff. But then again bands like Downfall of Gaia are the thing for me right now.

10. Shoegaze vs no shoegaze

How about no shoegaze? Why would you classify your band like that? It’s a lame ass term in my opinion. Even if you like looking at your shoes don’t label your music like that. To me it sounds terrible.


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