The Banner – Greying

The Banner is a four piece metallic hardcore band from New Jersey, U.S. They’ve been in the game since 2003. On the 9th of December they released ”Greying”. This is their newest full length release. The thing that sucks is that they released it on December. I’m going to borrow a line from another blog and say that sometimes when you have made up your mind about the best releases of a year, albums like this one come up. But the thing is there are countless awesome bands out there. It is impossible to know everything. Anyways, let us get back to the album. Eleven tracks are included in ”Greying”. In my opinion what we have here is not a typical hardcore album. The band incorporates many elements in its music. Elements like industrial and some black metal. But make no mistake. Hardcore is predominant here. Check out ”The dying of the Light”, the album’s first, and you’ ll see what i’m saying. This is an excellent track in my opinion, with some awesome vocals. I mean the vocalist seems to be feeling every word that is coming out of his mouth. Moving on we have ”Circle of Salt”. This is a dark heavy track for sure. You can trace some black metal in it and definitely some good song writing. Loved it. ”Crippling Despair” intrigued me a lot. There is so much richness in this track. ”Sunlight” is more of an industrial, atmospheric song. I can’t say that i expected that. Nevertheless i enjoyed it. ”Unbaptized” embodies pure fuckin’ hardcore. Perhaps my favorite track from ”Greying”. ”A Quiet Corner” is a hell of a song as well. ”Send me Down” also was a surprise to me. It reminded me of bands like Paradise Lost and Type O Negative. Cool track nevertheless. Speaking of cool tracks wait till you hear ”She upon the black wolf”. What i’m trying to say here is that i enjoyed listening to this album. The way i see it, it sounds fresh as it sounds inspired. And it is definitely recommended to all hardcore fans. Especially Converge, Integrity fans. Here are some links where you can also check out ”Greying”:


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