Terra Tenebrosa -V​.​I​.​T​.​R​.​I​.​O​.​L. – Purging The Tunnels

a2199156043_10Today we have some really intriguing stuff for you. Actually there is a band that i always wanted to listen to but for some reason i never did. This band is called Terra Tenebrosa. The main reason i wanted to listen to this band is because i really liked Breach. A band that unfortunately does not exist anymore. Members of Breach formed Terra Tenebrosa back in 2009, in Stockholm, Sweden. ”V.I.T.R.I.O.L – purging the tunnels” is a two track album ep. It was released back in April. In my opinion it is not easy to categorize this band’s music. They certainly incorporate many elements in their music. Elements like black metal and post metal. For example you can trace some Ved Buens Ende/ Virus in their stuff. Perhaps some Godflesh too. ”Draining the Well” is an excellent song. It’s one of these songs where you anxiously want to see how it will unfold. What i really liked about this song is its eerie, ambient ”bridge” that it has. I found it really atmospheric. Killer part at 11:00 also. ”Apokatastasis” is the album’ s second and last track. It’s actually a greek word and it means either re-establishment or reinstatement if you will. I neither loved it or hated it. I think it’s a cool song. But you definitely can’t compare it to ”Draining the Well”. Two tracks form a dark entity that is going to haunt your audio system for some time. Let’s hope we’ ll hear more from these guys soon enough.


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