His Hero Is Gone – Fifteen Counts Of Arson (1996)

Hello, today i wanted to talk to you about a favorite album of mine. It’s called ”Fifteen counts of Arson”, and it was released 18 years before by His Hero is Gone. I have to admit that this is one of my favorite bands. Nevertheless i always thought to my self that this is one weird, strange name. The first time i heard about a band called His Hero is Gone, i thought that it would be an emo or pop punk band. But it turned out that i couldn’t have been more mistaken. The band was formed back in 1995 in Memphis, Tennessee but unfortunatelly they disbanded four years later. The core of the band continued formed the band Tragedy, and they are still making some great music. They even came for a live in Athens, Greece. The thing is that His Hero is Gone is still considered a highly influential band. Certainly their music style back in the 90’s, and perhaps nowadays, was quite innovative and inspired. I mean the way they blended crust punk, hardcore and sludge was something unique. At least to me. Never before in my life had i listened to something like that. ”Fifteen counts of Arson” and ”Monuments to Thieves” are to me some of my favorite albums. Nevertheless i had to pick the first one. It wasn’t easy to choose. 24 trtacks are included in this album! I always had this question. Can someone combine blastbeats and sludge? Well, the answer is yes. These guys did it. Obviously nowadays a lot of people do this thing. But some years ago it seemed unthinkable to me. These guys delivered without any doubt. In my opinion, what we have here is some top class song- writing. Make no mistake. And this is music that almost anyone can hear. Metalheads, punks, hardcore fans. This band adressed to all music fans with its unique music. Listen to their songs. Discover the epicness the lies in them. You’ ll definitely love their sharp riffs and massive, colossal basslines. Don’t ask of me to pick a favorite song. All songs are great. Heavy and aggressive, yet some of them are enriched with this cold melody that makes them even more dark. Lyrically the band was influenced by sociological matters mostly. Unfortunately i haven’t found this album yet. Nevertheless the way i see it is definitely an underground jewel. And it is also an album that is highly recommended. Find here some links about the band and the album:


B.SON ( black shape of nexus ) – b​.​son ( black shape of nexus )

It’s Tuesdady, one day before year’s eve and today we’ re back with a new review. Today what we have for you is a super heavy album from B.Son (Black Shape of Nexus). B.Son is a six piece band from Mannheim, Germany. Today’s self titled, five track albm was released on the 15th of December.This album is insanely heavy. I think it encompasses everything that we like about sludge/ doom. Massive guitars. Check out their great, monolithic riffs. And of course those bass- lines of theirs gave me the chills. Their songs are last really long. It’s an experience that you can’t miss to loose. Or you can think of their songs like a dark, mystical liturgy that’s coming out of your soundsystem. Don’t be surprised if you see images of bisons storming inside. The heaviness of this album is beyond any reach. Their vocals are seriously god and the impression i got is that they accompany perfectly their music. Or they act as an extra really effective instrument if you will. Favorite tracks perhaps? I would have to say all of them. But if i should really pick one or two than these tracks would have to be ”IV” and ”II”. Actually they have named the second track as ”IV” and the third one as ”II”. The point is that this band is seriously good. I had no idea about B.Son. Personally they made a fan of me. Needless to say that doom/ sludge fans should check out this album. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Links:

Lair – (2007)


A friend of mine was kind enough to lend me this game called ”Lair”. First of all i was fascinated on how it looked. I mean, come on now. Dragons, warships, fortresses. This game had to be good. It was actually released back in 2007 for ps3. PS was the only platform for this game. The scenario was cool enough. Big volcanos start eruptin’, causin’ huge problems to people. So what the people did here was to divide themselves into two tribes. The Mokai who do not have any resources and are in serious need of them, and the Asylians who have plenty of resources and are also really sophisticated and stuff. As i said cool senario in my opinion. I don’t think you’ ll get excited with the graphics, but must i remind you that this game was released back in 2007. The interesting thing is that you don’t just have to hold the joystick. You must use it to steer your dragon. I must say i quite enjoyed it, eventhough some missions were not so interesting as i expected them to be. Also from time to time those dragons kept flying really slow. So many times i have to admit i was like ”are we there yet?”.

Baptists – Bloodmines

Baptists is a four piece metallic hardcore band from Vancouver, B.C, Canada. The band was formed back in 2010. The first album i ever heard from them was a s/t album that they had released some years ago. That album was dope. So when i found out that the band had released a new album i was really eager to listen to it. Thus i did. Well, they still sound great. Eleven tracks are included in ”Bloodmines”. What we have here is agressive, uncompromising music. Heavy riffs is definitely something that you will find here. Also many Converge influences are traceable. Apart from any influences, well, i won’t lie. I love songs like ”Wanting”. This is music that i can easily relate to. ”Vistas” is also an amazing song. I believe it’s my favorite from this album. But it’s not only about these two songs. Once you’ ll press play, rest assure you will not want to do anything else but to listen to this album. This album definitely transmits a huge amount of energy. It needs to be heard loud. So be sure to turn the volume up a bit. I quite enjoyed this one. I think the band delivered an awesome album. Till the next one:

Hate&Merda – L’ Anno dell’ Odio

Hello everyone. Today we have some heavy/ experimental stuff for you, this time from Italy. Hate&Merda is a two piece noise/ sludge band from Florence, Italy. Two guys that go by the nicknames Unnecessary1 and Unnecessary2. ” L’ Anno dell’ Odio ” (year of hate) which was released on the 15th of November is their debut album. Werner from Toten Schwan Records sent us a message requesting a review. Therefore we decided to listen to the album. Five tracks are included in today’s album. Before i begin, first of all i would like to comment on the album’s front cover art. I think it is terrible. I didn’t like it at all. This band comes from Florence. When i’m thinking about Florence, i’m thinking about the town that spawned the Renaissance. I’m thinking about good aesthetics, good taste. Something like the cover above never crossed my mind. And if someone hadn’t sent me it , then i would had never bothered listenin’. The band’s music is actually good and quite interesting i have to say. They have tons of good ideas. And their music is defnitely heavy. Even though the impression that i got is that after ”Pieta”, which is the album’s third track, what we have is a slightly different album. I mean i felt a bit puzzled. It seemed to me that there was no big connection or flow if you will. Nevertheless i have to admit that ”Pieta” is a really nice song. And perhaps it is my favorite from this album. The first two songs of the album were cool enough but to be perfectly honest i’ve heard stuff like that before. Another song that i liked was ”L’ Eternita di un’ estate terribile”. This was quite an intriguing song. And the singer (even though i didn’t exactly fell in love with his voice) sings really passionately. So in my attempt to reach a conclusion i would have to say that this was a good release. Some stuff you might have heard before , some others not. Personally what i would recommend is the album’s three last songs. These are the ones that i enjoyed the most. So if you’ re a sludge fan surpass the hideous front cover and check them out. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”L’ anno dell’ odio” :

Big Dilemmas in life

Here we’ re going to try to deal with some dilemmas, that perhaps many people have dealt with in their lives. I’m not so sure if we’ re going to be successful but here goes.

1. Iron Maiden vs Metallica.

Very tough to answer. Both of them are huge bands. Both of them have written incredible songs. I realize the fact that ”Seventh Son of a seventh Son” may be better than any Metallica album and that Bruce Dickinson has a far better voice than James Hetfield. Nevertheless i am going to pick Metallica. One of my favorite bands of my teenagehood. The first album that i ever bought in my life was the Black Album. Yeap it’s going to be Metallica.

2. Teenage mutant ninja turtles vs The Transformers

These two used to be two of my most favorite shows on tv. I remember how cool optimus prime and other characters used to look like. Nevertheless the ninja turtles used to be my favorite. Even though it used to be a trippy show. I mean we are talking about some gigantic turtles and a huge rat that all of them can speak. The bad guy is a brain that is living inside a robot or somethin’. But when i was a kid for some reason it looked cool to me.

3. Hip hop vs Hardcore

Now what we have here is two different genres. People over the years keep asking me: ”why do hip hop artists and hardcore artists wear the same clothes e.t.c ” ? The answer is i don’t know. What i know is that we have seen many collaborations. Collaborations like Sick of it all and Krs One, Biohazard and Cypress Hill. I don’t have the answer why some artists dress in a similar way or why they like each other’s music so much. Personally i like two genres. Perhaps hardcore i like a little more.

4. Black Metal vs Death Metal

Oh man, this is so hard for me to decide. I still remember when heard for the first time in my life bands like Entombed and At the Gates. That was pure awesomeness for me. But then again a friend of mine gave me the ”Transylvanian Album” to listen to. That was it for me. I’ m gonna pick black metal. Even though it’s different from death metal it’s not so far from it.

5. Pizza vs Souvlakia 

I ain’t so sure. My favorite is definitely pizza. But souvlakia are always welcomed. Think about a champions league night. For example Manchester City vs Barcelona F.C. What are you going to order? I think most would order pizza.

6. Black Sabbath with Ozzy vs Black Sabbath without Ozzy

First of all Ronnie James Dio rest in peace. One of the best singers out there. Definitely Dio had a far better voice than Ozzy. And as a friend of mine once said to me, Ozzy could have never sang the songs Sabbath wrote with Dio. In my opinion that is true. Nevertheless for me it’s Ozzy Osbourne. I can not imagine Black Sabbath without Ozzy’s voice.

7. Slayer vs Sepultura

Here we have the greatest thrash metal bands of all time. Well Sepultura have altered their sound significantly but when we talk about thrash metal we must always mention albums like ”Beneath the Remains”. Hmmm, i ‘m gonna pick Sepultura, even though i like Slayer too much.

8. Batman vs Superman

Hard to say. Batman has these gadgets. Superman has superpowers. They both wear their underpants outside of their pants. I think i’m gonna go with Batman. Better story in my opinion. And also Batman has to face cooler villains. At least that’s my opinion.

9. Old school Black Metal vs New School Black Metal

I’m gonna pick both. I love old school stuff. But then again bands like Downfall of Gaia are the thing for me right now.

10. Shoegaze vs no shoegaze

How about no shoegaze? Why would you classify your band like that? It’s a lame ass term in my opinion. Even if you like looking at your shoes don’t label your music like that. To me it sounds terrible.