Warscum – Society Rape

Hello, we’ re back with yet another review. Today we review a grindcore album. Warscum is a four piece, grindcore band from Sofia, Bulgaria. On the 27th of November they a five track album ep called ”Society Rape”. Now, apart from Last Hope i can’t say i know many things about the Bulgarian scene. Nevertheless, listening to this ep i feel that exciting things are happening there. As it has already been mentioned five tracks are included in today’s album ep. This album is like an exciting sonic storm from the first to the last second. There is no suckerpunch. In this ep you get the chance to enjoy all these elements that made this music so lovable to us. Awesome blastbeats, sharp, heavy riffs and massive basslines. But cool beatdown parts can be also found. Their lyrics will bring you back in the day, where bands where lyrically, mostly concerned with sociological matters. As for my favorite track from this ep, i think it would have to be ”Invisible War”. Really nice track. Quite enjoyed this one. Specially recommended for fans of Napalm Death, Lock Up, Nasum, Dying Fetus. So if you’ re a fan of the bands that are listed above do yourself a favor and listen to this ep. Links:


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