Siege Mentality – Arrest Days

Siege Mentality is a four piece hardcore band from Liverpool, U.K. ”Arrest Days” ep is their latest release. Eight tracks are included in this ep. Apart from hardcore/punk the band incorporates other elements in its music. Elements such as crust punk and grindcore. An old school atmosphere is generated through this ep. And i think that can be attributed partially to the album’s production and to their singer’s awesome, sludgy vocals. Check out for example the album’s last song which is of course ”keep the bracelets”. Clearly, this is music that is meant to be heard loud. Some of your neighbors are not going to like this. Some others might like it. A neighbor of mine told me recently that he likes Skitsystem, lol. Anyways, the thing is that the band’s music is seriously good. The moment i pressed ”play” it was like an invisible hand grabbed me and said to me ”come here motherfucker” and listen to this. And i must say it was quite an experience. I liked all of the album’s tracks but if i should definitely choose my favorite one then i think it would have to be ”keep the bracelets”. In my opinion, there is no doubt that this is one excellent track. A perfect choice for you today. Here are some links where you can also check out ”Arrest Days” ep:


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