New Rancid album is awesome. But so is every Rancid album

Cover - Enjoy!
So Rancid are back with yet another album. Personally speaking, the name Rancid always brings a huge smile to my face. I’ve connected this band with many happy times. Partys, lives, and generally good times in my life where i always had a good time listening to songs from this band. ”Honor is all we know” is the band’s eighth full length album. Fourteen tracks are included in this album. This is truly good vibe music. So definitely if you’ re feeling a bit sad or something then you should definitely try to listen to Rancid. Check out ”A Power Inside” for example, a very nice track from ”Honor is all we know”. ”In the streets” i the song that follows and it is great as well. And of course ”Back where i belong” is awesome and a great song to start the album. Their songs are definitely meant to be heard live and loud. This is music straight from the heart that will surely speak to your heart. So sit back, relax and listen to this awesome album:


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