How the Financial Crisis affected the Greek Music Scene

The Financial Crisis was a huge shock to Greek Society. Greek Gross Domestic Product shrank by 25% and unemployment rose to nearly 30%. It’s what most people would say ”things really got fucked up”. So it was high time to reevaluate our way of living, to cut down many of our expenses that in the past we thought that it would be unthinkable. For example ten years ago it would be unthinkable that we would start migrating again to other countries.
Nevertheless it happened. As it has already been mentioned the greek society as a whole was affected. So were the artists. Record Labels started shutting down. Record Stores started becoming extinct.Their number had already decreased dramatically due to torrent sites but the financial crisis was the sucker punch.
So what did bands do? Basically they continued doin’ their thing. Colossal bands like Rotting Christ and Septic Flesh continued making records, awesome records in my opinion. Planet of Zeus and 1000Mods are also making fantastic records.
What can one easily notice though is that more and more people wanted to express themselves through music after 2008. Many bands emerged. Many excellent bands in my opinion. Obviously i’m going to forget some bands but i would surely like to mention Lucky Funeral, Sarabante, Sadhus (The Smoking Community), Ruined Families, Cut Off, Minerva Superduty, Antimob e.t.c. Perhaps one could assume that the dire economic state of this country inspired many people to express themselves through music. Even Nick Cave wrote a song about Greece and how fucked up things were here.
Another thing that one can easily notice is that d.i.y movement flourished here. More and more bands started taking matters into their own hands. Recording, mixing records even european tours. Now it’s usual to hear somebody saying : ”o.k we’ve booked shows in Germany, Poland, France e.t.c. And almost nobody mentions a band manager.
It’s known to everybody how the social media have affected our lives. Well artists got affected also. Facebook, blogs, bandcamp, spotify, youtube is part of our daily life right now. So even with an extremely small budget it is now possible for someone to get his message across. Music is more accessible right now. Also it’s easier for bands to show their art to the world.
Something that happened but i don’t know if it has anything to do with the crisis is that vinyls and cassettes are back on track. That’s really interesting and nice in my opinion.
So what happened because of the crisis? Some bands unfortunately disbanded. Some others continued. While some bands emerged and started creating beautiful things. I asked a friend of mine his opinion and he told me this: ”Before the Crisis bands had no money. After the crisis they continued to have no money”. Nevertheless album production has doubled nowadays. And i’m talking here about excellent works. Listen to the self titled album of Lethe and you’ ll see what i’m saying here.


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