The Budos Band – Burnt Offering

Cover - Enjoy!
Today we’ re traveling back in time. Significantly back in the 70’s. It’s not my fault. The Budos Band opened the time-gate and i just followed. It has an awesome trip for me. And now i’m back to tell you about this experience of mine. First of all The Budos Band is an instrumental, psychedelic rock band from the United States. Until recently i knew nothing about them. Luckily for me, a friend of mine suggested me this album. Well, i have to thank him for that. ”Burnt Offering” is the band’s newest album. Ten tracks are included in today’s album. Now we’ seen many bands trying to revive the 60’s or the 70’s sound. Some bands were successful while others weren’t. Nevertheless it wouldn’t be really precise to label the band as a 70’s revival band. Perhaps they wouldn’t agree with this term. I don’t think they are trying to recreate that sound. They genuinely possess the sound! I have to admit this album really touched my soul. I truly loved the fact that they’ re using instruments like a horn and a saxophone. They have managed to create an absolutely, immensely heavy and atmospheric atmosphere. Nevertheless the fact that they ‘ re so much into the 70’s progressive/ heavy space rock doesn’t make them less accessible. I mean this music is not only for old school fans or for nostalgic people. It’s for everybody. At least that is my opinion. Listen to this band and discover a band with a character. I feel that that this is music from the heart. And it is definitely going to speak directly to your own heart. Especially fans of Cream, Camel, Pink Floyd and King Crimson are really going to appreciate this one. But it is sure as hell recommended for doom, sludge and heavy rock fans. Recommended track: ”Burnt Offering”. Absolutely amazing song. It will make your day.


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