Gale – Vol. 1

Hello, back today with another review. Let me tell you about this album that i have listened to. But let us start in a typical order. Gale is a four piece band from Phoenix, Arizona, U.S. Their music is a blend of sludge and doom metal with some elements of post and black metal. Nevertheless, i think there’s no doubt that sludge is the predominant element in their music. On the 21st of October they released ”Vol. 1”. This album is their newest release. It’s a five track album actually. It is clearly an album of immense heaviness. Definitely liked their riffs and their basslines. And i sure as hell like the fact that they incorporated many melodic parts in their music. Even blastbeats can be found. That was a pleasant surprise for me. Basically what i’m trying to say here is that you should definitely check out ”unsung”. An awesome track in my opinion. I think the have managed to put it together and create a fine track. ”Burn your person” is great as well. A truly intriguing track. Heavy, or stoner if you will, meets black metal. Nice. But not only those two. Be sure to check out ”The Counseled”. Personally i loved it. It’s heavy as fuck. As it has already been mentioned this album is heavy as fuck. Nice production also. It kinda reminded me of the Eyehategod sound. Nice album in general. Definitely recommended for sludge/doom metal fans. Listen to this album and find out for yourselves. Links:


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