Sterilizer – Sterilizer

Hello everyone. Today i want to share some thoughts of mine about this album i’ ve been listening to lately. This album is called ”Sterilizer”. The band is also called Sterilizer. Well, it’s actually a one man project. All tracks were written, recorded mixed & mastered by Brandon Duncan. This album was released on the 21st of October. What caught my attention here, first of all, is the album’s front cover. That dark figure on the front impelled me to check this one out. It seemed that some dark shit was going on in this album. Well i have to admit that after listening to it for some times, this album seems to me like a guilty pleasure. Let me explain myself. Eight tracks can be found in this album. In my attempt to describe the album’s sound i would then say that it’s a blend of industrial, metal, and E.B.M. It’s also an instrumental album. But i think this album is structured in a certain way where the absence of lyrics is not a problem at all. There are no lyrics of course, since this is an instrumental album, but if you look at the tracks’ names you’ ll see that this is more of a concept album. It has a story to tell. In my mind there are lines like ”this album will take you on a trip in the darkest depths of hell”, and other cheesy stuff. But the way i see it, this album is a hell of a ride. Just let yourself get sank into it. Listen to those awesome drum beats, and those sharp hellish riffs. I had a really hard time, trying to decide which track here is my favorite one. But i would have to say that it’s ”Discontent”. Great track in my opinion. Everything seems to have fallen into place here. Beats, samples, guitars, you’ ll love ’em all. So to sum up, i would definitely have to say that i quite enjoyed this one. Specially recommended for fans of Ministry, Godflesh and Front Line Assembly. Nevertheless i think that black metal fans are going to like this one as well. Well, just listen to it and find out for yourself. Links:


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