Siege Mentality – Arrest Days

Siege Mentality is a four piece hardcore band from Liverpool, U.K. ”Arrest Days” ep is their latest release. Eight tracks are included in this ep. Apart from hardcore/punk the band incorporates other elements in its music. Elements such as crust punk and grindcore. An old school atmosphere is generated through this ep. And i think that can be attributed partially to the album’s production and to their singer’s awesome, sludgy vocals. Check out for example the album’s last song which is of course ”keep the bracelets”. Clearly, this is music that is meant to be heard loud. Some of your neighbors are not going to like this. Some others might like it. A neighbor of mine told me recently that he likes Skitsystem, lol. Anyways, the thing is that the band’s music is seriously good. The moment i pressed ”play” it was like an invisible hand grabbed me and said to me ”come here motherfucker” and listen to this. And i must say it was quite an experience. I liked all of the album’s tracks but if i should definitely choose my favorite one then i think it would have to be ”keep the bracelets”. In my opinion, there is no doubt that this is one excellent track. A perfect choice for you today. Here are some links where you can also check out ”Arrest Days” ep:


Warscum – Society Rape

Hello, we’ re back with yet another review. Today we review a grindcore album. Warscum is a four piece, grindcore band from Sofia, Bulgaria. On the 27th of November they a five track album ep called ”Society Rape”. Now, apart from Last Hope i can’t say i know many things about the Bulgarian scene. Nevertheless, listening to this ep i feel that exciting things are happening there. As it has already been mentioned five tracks are included in today’s album ep. This album is like an exciting sonic storm from the first to the last second. There is no suckerpunch. In this ep you get the chance to enjoy all these elements that made this music so lovable to us. Awesome blastbeats, sharp, heavy riffs and massive basslines. But cool beatdown parts can be also found. Their lyrics will bring you back in the day, where bands where lyrically, mostly concerned with sociological matters. As for my favorite track from this ep, i think it would have to be ”Invisible War”. Really nice track. Quite enjoyed this one. Specially recommended for fans of Napalm Death, Lock Up, Nasum, Dying Fetus. So if you’ re a fan of the bands that are listed above do yourself a favor and listen to this ep. Links:

New Rancid album is awesome. But so is every Rancid album

Cover - Enjoy!
So Rancid are back with yet another album. Personally speaking, the name Rancid always brings a huge smile to my face. I’ve connected this band with many happy times. Partys, lives, and generally good times in my life where i always had a good time listening to songs from this band. ”Honor is all we know” is the band’s eighth full length album. Fourteen tracks are included in this album. This is truly good vibe music. So definitely if you’ re feeling a bit sad or something then you should definitely try to listen to Rancid. Check out ”A Power Inside” for example, a very nice track from ”Honor is all we know”. ”In the streets” i the song that follows and it is great as well. And of course ”Back where i belong” is awesome and a great song to start the album. Their songs are definitely meant to be heard live and loud. This is music straight from the heart that will surely speak to your heart. So sit back, relax and listen to this awesome album:

Dune – Aurora Majesty

Lately i’ve been listening to this awesome two track album from Dune. Dune is a four piece band from Edinburgh, U.K. ”Aurora Majesty” is their newest release. Their music is an exciting blend of sludge/doom, prog metal and some some crustcore. Whenever bands use the term progressive, i have to admit i’m always, for some reason, i bit reluctant. But the truth is here it definitely works. First song which is called ”Into the Travellers’ Halls is a great track and i have to say that it reminded me a bit of first era Mastodon. Definitely liked those vocals of theirs and their killer riffs as well. ”Of Blade and Carapace” is the album’s second and last track. I loved its crusty intro. And may i say nice part at 02:34. If i should pick a track i would then had to pick ”Of Blade and Carapace”. An epic track in my opinion. Only drawback in this is case is that we only got two tracks unfortunately. Nevertheless the scotish  band delivers a two track album that is highly recommended. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Aurora Majesty”:

How the Financial Crisis affected the Greek Music Scene

The Financial Crisis was a huge shock to Greek Society. Greek Gross Domestic Product shrank by 25% and unemployment rose to nearly 30%. It’s what most people would say ”things really got fucked up”. So it was high time to reevaluate our way of living, to cut down many of our expenses that in the past we thought that it would be unthinkable. For example ten years ago it would be unthinkable that we would start migrating again to other countries.
Nevertheless it happened. As it has already been mentioned the greek society as a whole was affected. So were the artists. Record Labels started shutting down. Record Stores started becoming extinct.Their number had already decreased dramatically due to torrent sites but the financial crisis was the sucker punch.
So what did bands do? Basically they continued doin’ their thing. Colossal bands like Rotting Christ and Septic Flesh continued making records, awesome records in my opinion. Planet of Zeus and 1000Mods are also making fantastic records.
What can one easily notice though is that more and more people wanted to express themselves through music after 2008. Many bands emerged. Many excellent bands in my opinion. Obviously i’m going to forget some bands but i would surely like to mention Lucky Funeral, Sarabante, Sadhus (The Smoking Community), Ruined Families, Cut Off, Minerva Superduty, Antimob e.t.c. Perhaps one could assume that the dire economic state of this country inspired many people to express themselves through music. Even Nick Cave wrote a song about Greece and how fucked up things were here.
Another thing that one can easily notice is that d.i.y movement flourished here. More and more bands started taking matters into their own hands. Recording, mixing records even european tours. Now it’s usual to hear somebody saying : ”o.k we’ve booked shows in Germany, Poland, France e.t.c. And almost nobody mentions a band manager.
It’s known to everybody how the social media have affected our lives. Well artists got affected also. Facebook, blogs, bandcamp, spotify, youtube is part of our daily life right now. So even with an extremely small budget it is now possible for someone to get his message across. Music is more accessible right now. Also it’s easier for bands to show their art to the world.
Something that happened but i don’t know if it has anything to do with the crisis is that vinyls and cassettes are back on track. That’s really interesting and nice in my opinion.
So what happened because of the crisis? Some bands unfortunately disbanded. Some others continued. While some bands emerged and started creating beautiful things. I asked a friend of mine his opinion and he told me this: ”Before the Crisis bands had no money. After the crisis they continued to have no money”. Nevertheless album production has doubled nowadays. And i’m talking here about excellent works. Listen to the self titled album of Lethe and you’ ll see what i’m saying here.

Minerva Superduty – Sklenos pt. I

Today it gives me great pleasure to present to you Minerva Superduty’s first official video clip. It is a clip that they shooted for ”Sklenos Pt. 1” which is the opening track from their debut, self titled album that was released back in March. And what do i think about this video clip? Well, i think that it is excellent. The first thing that you quickly realize is that some people got really inspired and managed to put it together. The combination of this tremendous photography and exquisite direction form a work that can only be described as, allow me to say, gamechanging. What i’m trying to say is that they are raising the bar first of all on themselves and also for other bands. This video has been truly worked to the last detail. Minerva Superduty may be an instrumental band but through this video clip they tell a dark story. Enough with the talking. Just press play and see for yourself.