Mal Intent – New Breed

Mal Intent is a five piece hardcore band from Chicago, Illinois, U.S. On the ninth of October they released this ass-kicking album ep called ”New Breed”. Four tracks are included in this album. One thing that caught my attention here is their awesome drumming. It definitely doesn’t sound like the usual hardcore type. It’s a bit technical and in some parts progressive one could say. Both clean and harsh vocals sound awesome. The album starts with ”Keep Watch”. A really nice track with awesome beatdown parts and a nice outro. ”New Breed” has some cool riffs. A massive, heavy track in my opinion. ”Human after all” is my favorite track from this album. We’ re dealing with an excellent track here. Blastbeats and beatdown parts coexist harmonically and what you get is a track destined to remain in your tracklist for a long time. The album ends with ”Disgrace”, and what i understand is that we must note the name Mal Intent because these guys are here to stay. Awesome release from the band. Definitely recommended to all hardcore fans. Links:


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