Atriarch – An Unending Pathway

Today we have some mind-blowing stuff for you. Basically what i’ m going to do is to start from the end and say that this the album of the month without any doubt. Also it’s one of the most interesting and intriguing releases i’ ve listened to in a long time. Let me explain myself. Atriarch is a four piece band from Portland, Oregon, U..S. Their music could be described as avant – garde metal. Or you describe it perhaps as a blend of black metal, doom/sludge metal and some post punk/dark wave. ”An Unpending Pathway” is the band’s newest release. It was released on October 27.
Seven tracks are included in this album. Seven extremely heavy tracks form a nightly dark madrigal. The band’s sound in my opinion sounds definitely original and fresh. Black metal is an important part of their music. But i wouldn’t say that it’s the most important. It’s like they’ ve taken the black metal sound, change its pieces dramatically to reshape in a whole different way. For example check out ”Collapse” and ”Revenant”, the album’s second and third track. You might trace some Ved Buens Ende in their music. Plus a lot of awesome riffs can be found, making their music sound really epic. Speaking of epicness one cannot miss to notice their singer’s vocals. Both his clean and harsh vocals are awesome. In certain parts he sounds a bit like Attila Csihar. I really enjoyed him singing in ”Rot”. A sludgy/ dark masterpiece in my opinion. ”Veil” has been number one track of my current tracklist, and i think it will stay there for a long. Perhaps the album’s best track in my opinion.
So to sum up i would have to say that this is an excellent album. I think that the band has raised the bar really high for themselves with this one. Well that is the impression that i’ ve got. Recommended for all doom and black metal fans. Links:


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