Dracula untold. Until the next Dracula movie.

So what i did was to go and see the new Dracula film. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. A new Dracula film. Now, who would have thought that this might happen again? I think i’ ve lost count of how many Dracula films there are out there. Or how many batman or godzilla movies. It seems to me that Hollywood producers have run out of ideas.The story of Dracula is pretty much known. He was king of Wallachia and later king. He fought against the emerging Ottoman Empire. Nevertheless his reign is described as ruthless and authoritative and he also used to impose his will by using inhuman methods such as impaling. He persecuted the Saxons of Transylvania, and they described him in the west in such a way, where centuries later Bram Stoker read these stories and created the semimythological figure of count dracula. We’ ve seen Dracula portrayed in many ways. Decades ago Cristopher Lee used to scare the shit out of people by playing Dracula. Years later Gary Oldman played Dracula. I think most people would agree that Copola’ s Dracula is the best one so far. The other film about Dracula, where Monster Magnet also slightly appeared, i think it was crap. Really bad movie. On the the 2014 film ”Dracula Untold” Luke Evans is starring as Vlad the Impaler. As for the plot; Vlad is trying desperately to save his kingdom from the Turks. And he also wants to avoid fighting with them because he is heavily outnumbered. But when things become really bad for him he decidedes to act. He takes the crucial decision to join sides with a really dark force that dwells in a mountain in Romania. So the thing is that Vlad becomes some sort of a super hero that now has the ability of doing unimaginable things. But it’s a power with a certain costI think that now we have a new super hero. Dracula. Perhaps Marvel Comics should consider of creating a new character. Well that’s the impression that i’ve got. Of a super hero action movie. I can’t say that i didn’t enjoy the movie. But when the movie ended, fifteen minutes later i had forgotten pretty much everything. None of the actors of this movie will be oscar nominees. Nevertheless this film will provide you with ninety minutes of fun and action. But there also other ways of spending five euros. You can support your favorite band by buying their album for example.


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