Entombed A.D – Back to the Front

Yesterday i had the chance to see some really nice football. Roberto Jimenez Gago is a great goalkeeper. This man is able of saving almost anything. But enough with football. Today’s post is about a great band. Today we review a death metal album.The band is called Entombed. Actually now they are called Entombed A.D. This band needs no big introduction. They’ ve been in the game since 1987. The band was formed in Sweden where they started as Nihilist. I think most people would agree that Entombed is the one of the best death metal bands worldwide. Their first three albums can be easily considered as classics. ”Wolverine Blues” was an amazing album, groundbreaking, inspired and fresh. It made some people talk about a new sub genre called ”death n’ roll”. Personally i don’t agree with that term but i think i can understand why some people came up with it. Now ”Back tho the Front” is their latest release. To be perfectly honest i haven’t heard anything from then since ”Serpent Saints” Lp. So when i saw that the band had released a new album i was really happy and excited. It was an Entombed album. I had to listen to it. So i did listen to it. Twelve tracks are included in this album. I have to admit that from the beginning i had some difficulties to phase. In my opinion productionwise the album sounds a bit weird. For example, remember how ”Uprising” used to sound? Well, that’s not happening here. I think the band has made a bit of a shift towards their first period as a band. L.G’s voice still sounds as awesome as it used to sound. Some death metal vocalists have try to alter their voices, trying to sound even like Dave Gahan, but L.G’s voice has remained aggressive and raw. Respect. Nevertheless i am a big Entombed fan and i feel that i must speak my mind. The impression that i’ ve got is that most of the album’s tracks don’t live up to the band’s standards. For example i feel that the band did a better job in ”Morning Star”. Nevertheless i must admit that i liked two tracks. These are ”Vulture and the Traitor” and the ”Underminer”. I’m not saying that the rest of the songs are bad or anything. But i feel that the two ones previously mentioned can be easily singled out. But that is just my opinion. So what can one expect from this album? A cool album no doubt. But i think the band has released some better ones. This album is specially recommended to hardcore Entombed fans. For the ones who would like to get a first taste of Entombed, try ”Wolverine Blues”, ”Clandestine” and ”Uprising”.


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