Crawl – Old Wood & Broken Dreams

Today i want to share with you some thoughts of mine about this album that i’ ve been listening to lately. Today we have for you some really heavy stuff. Crawl is a three piece band from the United States.The band was formed back in 2012. Their music is a blend of doom metal and heavy rock. On the 18th of October they released ”Old Wood & Broken Dreams”. This album is their newest release.
Six tracks are included in today’s post. It starts with ”Crack Tea” , a nice intro in my opinion where you quickly realize that Black Sabbath is strong in them. ”Don’t Kid me” is a song where you can find some really cool riffs and great groove as well. ”Pilldust” is a massive instrumental track with nice riffs and cool basslines. A trippy song in my opinion. Perfect for someone to listen to it live, grab a beer and start dancing perhaps. ”Useless” is a nice one as well. I liked the singer’s sludgy vocals. ”In my opinion ”Nigredo” is the album’s best track. Just listen to it and see how it magnificently unfolds. Wait till you hear the album’s track which is of course ”3 am and a loaded gun”. An insanely heavy, kick ass sludge song. Nice.
Really enjoyed this one. This album is definitely recommended to all sludge,doom, heavy rock fans. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Old Wood & Broken Dreams”:


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