Sick of it All – Last Act of Defiance

It’ s Sunday, the beginning of a new week and we carry on today with another review. Today we review a hardcore album. Sick of it All need no big introduction in my opinion. But for those of you who don’t know let me just say that the band was formed back in 1986 in Queens, New York. And i think that most people would agree that they are one of the most important hardcore bands that came out of New York and the U.S in general.
Their previous album was released three years ago. A good album in my opinion, ”Non Stop” is the title by the way, where you can also find a track called ”Clobberin’ Time”, featuring Krs One on vocals. ”The Last Act of Defiance” is their newest release. A classic Sick of it All album in my opinion, where you can find all the things that made the band appealing to so many people over the years. Sixteen tracks are included in this album. The album starts with a strong track called ‘Sound the Album”, and you quickly realize that Lou Koller’s voice hasn’t lost an inch of its aggressiveness. Nevertheless i have to admit that of all the tracks, the one that i love the most is ”Dnc”. Gotta love tracks like ”Dnc”. But it’s not only about these two songs. Be sure to check out all the songs that are included in this album. This album is transmitting a lot of positive vibes and it will definitely make your day. But before you do anything firstly make sure that you have put up the volume.
I enjoyed listening to this album. O,k perhaps it’s not what you might call innovative or game changing. But it’s a Sick of it All album goddamnit. Specially recommended for the band’s hardcore fans and to everyone who likes old school hardcore. It won’t exactly change your life but you will have a great time listening to it.


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