Senseless – MMXIV

Hello everybody. We’ re back with yet another review. Today we review a hardcore album. I’ ve said it before and i’ m gonna say it again. There’ s an awesome fb page where you can discover many great bands there. This page is called Balkan Hardcore Unity ( Among others i’ ve discovered two bands from Thessaloniki. I’m talking about Overpain and Senseless. We’ ve already said some words about Overpain and their debut album ”Underrated – Overhated”. Senseless is a four piece hardcore band, from Thessaloniki as it has already been mentioned. They’ ve been in the game since 2006 and they have shared the stage with bands like Madball, Terror and Sick of it All. ”MMXIV” ep which was released on the 15th of September is their newest release. Three tracks are included in this ep. Heavy metallic hardcore is the term that i would use to describe its sound. There is a lot of richness in this ep even though there are unfortunately only three tracks here. Great beatdown parts accompanied by sharp riffs and heavy basslines. Heavy music is the case here without any doubt. As for their vocals, i swear it you’ ll love their vocals. I liked all of their songs, but my favorite one has to be ”Against my World”. Excellent song with a great outro, where the singer cries ”No Remorse”. Nice release from Senseless. Definitely recommended for hardcore fans. Here are some links where you can also check out ”MMXIV”:


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