Triptykon – Melana Chasmata

Melana_ChasmataThomas Gabriel ”Warrior” Fischer. The man, the myth, the legend. What can one say about him? Everyone should give him credit for his great work in extreme metal. One post in this blog is certainly not enough to describe how much Hellhammer and Celtic Frost are appreciated by artists. Or the fact that numerous black metal bands, death metal bands, thrash metal bands, even hardcore bands name Celtic Frost as their basic influence.
Many people claim that Celtic Frost were a part of the first black metal wave. Personally i’ ve never heard Tom G. Warrior giving his band a black metal label. Quorthon also never claimed to play black metal.
The first Celtic Frost album i heard was ”To Mega Therion”. At that time i was so much into thrash metal/grindcore that i didn’t really give that album the attention that it should be given. It took me some time to appreciate it.
Celtic Frost released their last album back in 2006. This album was ”Monotheist” Lp. A trully awesome album. But why am i talking so much about Celtic Frost? Well Tom G. Warrior has stated that Triptykon was going to be like a continuation of Celtic Frost. On 2010 Triptykon released their first album called ”Eparistera Daimones” (In greek it means ”Demons on the left, or something like that). And back in April they released ”Melana Chasmata” (also a greek title, meaning dark gaps, if you literally translate it ). I had not been able to listen to it, and now i recognize that this has been a massive mistake.
First of all we begin with the album’s artwork. It is trully a work of art. It was done by H.R Giger, famous Swiss painter. This man has also made the artwork for the ”To Mega Therion” Lp. I’ m not so sure on what it depicts. If i could make a guess i would then say that it has something to do with the ”Alien” theme.
”Melana Chasmata” includes nine songs. As it has already been mentioned, i think that there is a strong connection with Celtic Frost, significantly with ”Monotheist”. Of course this album is really close to the ”Eparistera Daimones” Lp. Those of you who search for a strong connection with the early Celtic Frost period will be disappointed. Of course you can still find those cool ”Ugh ! ” that Tom G. Warrior cries from time to time. Triptykon’s music is immensely heavy. I’ m not so sure on what term to use to describe their music. Gothic Metal is certainly not accurate, or industrial. Black metal is also not the case here. Some people have used the term avant garde metal. Again i’m not so sure. I’m gonna play it safe and say just heavy. The album starts in an awesome way. ”Tree of Suffocating Souls” is a great song, with excellent old school riffs. ”Boleskine House” is an insane song. with awesome vocals and a fantastic atmosphere. ”Into the Pandaemonium” here we meet again. Tom G. Warrior has not lost an inch of his aggressiveness. Just listen to ”Altar of Deceit”. The amount of heaviness in this song is beyond any reach. ”Demon Pact” will remind you a bit of the dark cosmos of Einstuerzende Neubauten. Awesome intro. This is a perfect song. Is this a candidacy for the year’s best song? I aint so sure. Listen to this album. Listen to awesome songs like ”Waiting”. This song has a black metal ambience if you will, but without being black metal.
We’ re dealing with an excellent album here. Probably one of the year’s best albums. A lot of work has been done here so that an album of such magnificence is presented to us. Let this album take to you on a journey in its dark cosmos. Surely you won’t regret it. Here you can find the band’s official webpage:


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