5 bands from Athens you need to know

Hello everyone. Today i’ ve decided to present to you five awesome bands from Athens. Some of these bands you may already have heard of while some of them perhaps not. Anyways here we go. The bands represent different styles and genres, and go in a random order here:
1. Tardive Dyskinesia

Great band in my opinion. They’ ve been in the game since 2003. Back in 2012 they released an excellent album called ”Static Apathy in Fast Forward”. Be sure to check it out, and trust me you will not regret it. Here’ s a track from the album called ”The Chase Home”:

2. Eden Demise

Moving on we have Eden Demise. Formed back in 2004, the bands plays metallic hardcore. The last time i saw them was when they were one of the opening acts for Kickback when the french band played here live. Cool band no doubt. Check out here a clip they made for their song called ”Shattered World”:

3. Ravencult

Ravencult is a black metal band from Athens. An underestimated band in my opinion. Not so sure about this statement but this is the impression that i have. Perhaps Rotting Christ have raised the bar too much. Who knows ? Here’ s one cool song by Ravencult:

4. Keep Shelly in Athens

Keep Shelly in Athens is a two piece alternative/electro band from Athens. Really interesting case of a band in my opinion. Once wanted to see them live in Bios Club here in Athens, but i arrived too late and there were no tickets left unfortunately. Anyways, here’ s one interesting song from them:

5. Cut Off

Cut Off is a grindcore/powerviolence band from Athens. In 2013 they released their debut album called ”Sick of this Life”. I had the chance to see them live in September where they totally rocked the place along with Sarabante, Ruined Families, Bad Trip, Antimob and Chaotic End. Check out this cool song they’ ve got:


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