ALBUM REVIEW: Epitaph ‘Crawling Out Of The Crypt’

Cool stuff from Italy



‘Crawling Out Of The Crypt’
High Roller Records
(Released: 31 October 2014)

One of the lost treasures of the late 1980s / early 1990s Italian ‘spaghetti doom’ movement, Epitaph released three demos back in the day, but never managed a full-length offering. Spin forward 30 years, and here it is, finally! Epitaph turn back the clock with this album, a re-working of dusty old tracks with plenty of modern touches to ensure that it doesn’t sound like a dated vintage novelty.

Opening song ‘Beyond The Mirror’ is a seriously impressive doom metal classic, like a thundering, epic version of early Trouble. Here, the twisting vocals are at their most controlled, the melodies stunning, the chorus unforgettable.

Ultimately, Epitaph do not quite reach those same lofty heights during the eight songs that follow the explosive opener. But there are still plenty of examples of genuine excellence. ‘Battle Of Inside’…

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