Bongripper – Miserable

A friend of mine asked me last week if i like Bongripper. And the answer was simple. Yes i like Bongripper. It’ s not that i’ m their biggest fan but for sure i like them. The thing is that the band is back with a new album. Therefore we decided to make a review. Bongripper is an instrumental doom metal band from Chicago, Illinois, U.S. The band was formed back in 2005. Over the years they have released several albums. On the 7th of July they released ”Miserable”. This is also their newest release. Three tracks are included in ”Miserable”. Three really long lasting tracks. For example ”Into Ruin” is a 28 minute track. Not exactly what some people might describe as ”radio-friendly”. But who cares? ”Miserable” holds super extra heaviness and immense groove inside it. Welcome to a world of distorted sound. Where great riffs and gigantic basslines are dominant. Their songs are structured in a way that you are not going to ask for vocals at any circumstances . Plus don’ t be afraid of their long lasting tracks. Once you press play you will not want to press stop until the last note is played. Guaranteed. Their songs can be divided to two or three parts perhaps, where doom coexists with ambient/ psychedelic effects in a perfect way. Take ”Descent” for example which is also the album’ s second track. I think the album’ s production is great. Cool front cover artwork also. This is an ideal album for someone to listen to in a rainy autumn day. So just sit back, relax and listen to ”Miserable’. Links:


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