Mal Intent – New Breed

Mal Intent is a five piece hardcore band from Chicago, Illinois, U.S. On the ninth of October they released this ass-kicking album ep called ”New Breed”. Four tracks are included in this album. One thing that caught my attention here is their awesome drumming. It definitely doesn’t sound like the usual hardcore type. It’s a bit technical and in some parts progressive one could say. Both clean and harsh vocals sound awesome. The album starts with ”Keep Watch”. A really nice track with awesome beatdown parts and a nice outro. ”New Breed” has some cool riffs. A massive, heavy track in my opinion. ”Human after all” is my favorite track from this album. We’ re dealing with an excellent track here. Blastbeats and beatdown parts coexist harmonically and what you get is a track destined to remain in your tracklist for a long time. The album ends with ”Disgrace”, and what i understand is that we must note the name Mal Intent because these guys are here to stay. Awesome release from the band. Definitely recommended to all hardcore fans. Links:


Atriarch – An Unending Pathway

Today we have some mind-blowing stuff for you. Basically what i’ m going to do is to start from the end and say that this the album of the month without any doubt. Also it’s one of the most interesting and intriguing releases i’ ve listened to in a long time. Let me explain myself. Atriarch is a four piece band from Portland, Oregon, U..S. Their music could be described as avant – garde metal. Or you describe it perhaps as a blend of black metal, doom/sludge metal and some post punk/dark wave. ”An Unpending Pathway” is the band’s newest release. It was released on October 27.
Seven tracks are included in this album. Seven extremely heavy tracks form a nightly dark madrigal. The band’s sound in my opinion sounds definitely original and fresh. Black metal is an important part of their music. But i wouldn’t say that it’s the most important. It’s like they’ ve taken the black metal sound, change its pieces dramatically to reshape in a whole different way. For example check out ”Collapse” and ”Revenant”, the album’s second and third track. You might trace some Ved Buens Ende in their music. Plus a lot of awesome riffs can be found, making their music sound really epic. Speaking of epicness one cannot miss to notice their singer’s vocals. Both his clean and harsh vocals are awesome. In certain parts he sounds a bit like Attila Csihar. I really enjoyed him singing in ”Rot”. A sludgy/ dark masterpiece in my opinion. ”Veil” has been number one track of my current tracklist, and i think it will stay there for a long. Perhaps the album’s best track in my opinion.
So to sum up i would have to say that this is an excellent album. I think that the band has raised the bar really high for themselves with this one. Well that is the impression that i’ ve got. Recommended for all doom and black metal fans. Links:

Today is the Day – Animal Mother

Hello. Sunday today and we have here is another review. Before i begin i have a confession to make. Today is the Day is one of my favorite bands. And the thing that’s so great here is that they have a new album. Their new album is called ”Animal Mother” and it was released on the 14th of October. The band was formed back in 1992 in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S by Steve Austin and Bra Elrod. ”Animal Mother is their tenth full length album. Their previous album was ”Pain is a Warning” and it was released back in 2011. ”Animal Mother” is their first album for Southern Lord Records.
People have asked me in the past to describe the band’s music. And i think that all of my efforts have been rather unsuccessful. I find it a bit difficult to describe their sound. And that’s because their music incorporates a lot of elements like grindcore, metal, hardcore, noise rock, black and death metal. So i believe that noisecore wouldn’t be an accurate term to use. But then again would be fusion a correct term? In my opinion the best term to use would be ”Today is the day style” in order to describe the band’s unique sound. So let us get back to ”Animal Mother”. Fifteen tracks are included in this album. I don’t mean to exaggerate but in my opinion you don’t just listen to a Today is the Day album, you experience one. I had the same impression with the previous albums of this band and i think that their latest release is no exception. The way i see it ”Animal Mother” is another example of the motto ”Through Chaos comes order”. Because sometimes the band’s music may sound chaotic and overwhelming but you can definitely sense that this is a homogenized outcome. Sometimes the album sounds aggressive and technical, while sometimes it sounds melodic and atmospheric. Definitely the band has managed to retain its unique sound. Steve Austin’s voice is an extremely important element that differentiates the band’s sound from other bands. His voice is relative to black metal but surely you can’t call it black metal. In today’s album you can once again find the band’s awesome riffage. You can also find a massive, insanely heavy song like ”Zodiac”. But not only that. Don’t make the mistake of picking songs in a random order from this album to listen to it. Just devote an hour from your time and experience it as a whole. I swear it you will not regret it.
So the question is, is this a good album? And the answer is, yes. It’s too damn good. It’s so good that it hurts. Probably it’s one of the best albums of this year. Just listen to this album and find out for yourself. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Animal Mother”:

Dracula untold. Until the next Dracula movie.

So what i did was to go and see the new Dracula film. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. A new Dracula film. Now, who would have thought that this might happen again? I think i’ ve lost count of how many Dracula films there are out there. Or how many batman or godzilla movies. It seems to me that Hollywood producers have run out of ideas.The story of Dracula is pretty much known. He was king of Wallachia and later king. He fought against the emerging Ottoman Empire. Nevertheless his reign is described as ruthless and authoritative and he also used to impose his will by using inhuman methods such as impaling. He persecuted the Saxons of Transylvania, and they described him in the west in such a way, where centuries later Bram Stoker read these stories and created the semimythological figure of count dracula. We’ ve seen Dracula portrayed in many ways. Decades ago Cristopher Lee used to scare the shit out of people by playing Dracula. Years later Gary Oldman played Dracula. I think most people would agree that Copola’ s Dracula is the best one so far. The other film about Dracula, where Monster Magnet also slightly appeared, i think it was crap. Really bad movie. On the the 2014 film ”Dracula Untold” Luke Evans is starring as Vlad the Impaler. As for the plot; Vlad is trying desperately to save his kingdom from the Turks. And he also wants to avoid fighting with them because he is heavily outnumbered. But when things become really bad for him he decidedes to act. He takes the crucial decision to join sides with a really dark force that dwells in a mountain in Romania. So the thing is that Vlad becomes some sort of a super hero that now has the ability of doing unimaginable things. But it’s a power with a certain costI think that now we have a new super hero. Dracula. Perhaps Marvel Comics should consider of creating a new character. Well that’s the impression that i’ve got. Of a super hero action movie. I can’t say that i didn’t enjoy the movie. But when the movie ended, fifteen minutes later i had forgotten pretty much everything. None of the actors of this movie will be oscar nominees. Nevertheless this film will provide you with ninety minutes of fun and action. But there also other ways of spending five euros. You can support your favorite band by buying their album for example.

Entombed A.D – Back to the Front

Yesterday i had the chance to see some really nice football. Roberto Jimenez Gago is a great goalkeeper. This man is able of saving almost anything. But enough with football. Today’s post is about a great band. Today we review a death metal album.The band is called Entombed. Actually now they are called Entombed A.D. This band needs no big introduction. They’ ve been in the game since 1987. The band was formed in Sweden where they started as Nihilist. I think most people would agree that Entombed is the one of the best death metal bands worldwide. Their first three albums can be easily considered as classics. ”Wolverine Blues” was an amazing album, groundbreaking, inspired and fresh. It made some people talk about a new sub genre called ”death n’ roll”. Personally i don’t agree with that term but i think i can understand why some people came up with it. Now ”Back tho the Front” is their latest release. To be perfectly honest i haven’t heard anything from then since ”Serpent Saints” Lp. So when i saw that the band had released a new album i was really happy and excited. It was an Entombed album. I had to listen to it. So i did listen to it. Twelve tracks are included in this album. I have to admit that from the beginning i had some difficulties to phase. In my opinion productionwise the album sounds a bit weird. For example, remember how ”Uprising” used to sound? Well, that’s not happening here. I think the band has made a bit of a shift towards their first period as a band. L.G’s voice still sounds as awesome as it used to sound. Some death metal vocalists have try to alter their voices, trying to sound even like Dave Gahan, but L.G’s voice has remained aggressive and raw. Respect. Nevertheless i am a big Entombed fan and i feel that i must speak my mind. The impression that i’ ve got is that most of the album’s tracks don’t live up to the band’s standards. For example i feel that the band did a better job in ”Morning Star”. Nevertheless i must admit that i liked two tracks. These are ”Vulture and the Traitor” and the ”Underminer”. I’m not saying that the rest of the songs are bad or anything. But i feel that the two ones previously mentioned can be easily singled out. But that is just my opinion. So what can one expect from this album? A cool album no doubt. But i think the band has released some better ones. This album is specially recommended to hardcore Entombed fans. For the ones who would like to get a first taste of Entombed, try ”Wolverine Blues”, ”Clandestine” and ”Uprising”.

Crawl – Old Wood & Broken Dreams

Today i want to share with you some thoughts of mine about this album that i’ ve been listening to lately. Today we have for you some really heavy stuff. Crawl is a three piece band from the United States.The band was formed back in 2012. Their music is a blend of doom metal and heavy rock. On the 18th of October they released ”Old Wood & Broken Dreams”. This album is their newest release.
Six tracks are included in today’s post. It starts with ”Crack Tea” , a nice intro in my opinion where you quickly realize that Black Sabbath is strong in them. ”Don’t Kid me” is a song where you can find some really cool riffs and great groove as well. ”Pilldust” is a massive instrumental track with nice riffs and cool basslines. A trippy song in my opinion. Perfect for someone to listen to it live, grab a beer and start dancing perhaps. ”Useless” is a nice one as well. I liked the singer’s sludgy vocals. ”In my opinion ”Nigredo” is the album’s best track. Just listen to it and see how it magnificently unfolds. Wait till you hear the album’s track which is of course ”3 am and a loaded gun”. An insanely heavy, kick ass sludge song. Nice.
Really enjoyed this one. This album is definitely recommended to all sludge,doom, heavy rock fans. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Old Wood & Broken Dreams”:

Sick of it All – Last Act of Defiance

It’ s Sunday, the beginning of a new week and we carry on today with another review. Today we review a hardcore album. Sick of it All need no big introduction in my opinion. But for those of you who don’t know let me just say that the band was formed back in 1986 in Queens, New York. And i think that most people would agree that they are one of the most important hardcore bands that came out of New York and the U.S in general.
Their previous album was released three years ago. A good album in my opinion, ”Non Stop” is the title by the way, where you can also find a track called ”Clobberin’ Time”, featuring Krs One on vocals. ”The Last Act of Defiance” is their newest release. A classic Sick of it All album in my opinion, where you can find all the things that made the band appealing to so many people over the years. Sixteen tracks are included in this album. The album starts with a strong track called ‘Sound the Album”, and you quickly realize that Lou Koller’s voice hasn’t lost an inch of its aggressiveness. Nevertheless i have to admit that of all the tracks, the one that i love the most is ”Dnc”. Gotta love tracks like ”Dnc”. But it’s not only about these two songs. Be sure to check out all the songs that are included in this album. This album is transmitting a lot of positive vibes and it will definitely make your day. But before you do anything firstly make sure that you have put up the volume.
I enjoyed listening to this album. O,k perhaps it’s not what you might call innovative or game changing. But it’s a Sick of it All album goddamnit. Specially recommended for the band’s hardcore fans and to everyone who likes old school hardcore. It won’t exactly change your life but you will have a great time listening to it.