Bleak – Bleak

Hello, today we review a hardcore album. Yesterday while being on bandcamp’s page i was lucky enough to bump into this album ep. Bleak is a four piece band from New York. Their music is a blend of metallic hardcore, sludge and some noisecore. Five tracks are included in this ep. These tracks form an album of immense, heavy music. Find here some perfect beatdown music along with great sludge. Some noisecore can be found also. Remember Botch? All of their influences have been used greatly to form a fully homogenized work. Their vocals are simply great. These vocals sound inspired, old school and fresh as well. Both ”Missive” and ”Simple” are great songs, but ”Bridge Burner” is fuckin’ awesome. In my opinion when artists get really inspired they write songs like ”Bridge Burner”. This song is really addictive. You’ ll want to hear it over and over again. This is a really nice release. Can we please have more music from this band? Because five tracks are not sufficient. Definitely recommended for hardcore fans. Here are some links where you can also check out ”Bleak” ep:


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