The nostalgic post of the day

Hello. Today i want to share with you ten songs that remind me of my teenage years. I still listen to some of these songs. So here are my ten songs. There are more than ten songs, but i picked these ten:

1. Helloween – I Want Out

Ah back in the day i was a big fan of this band. I think everybody liked this band. I’ ve never met anyone who disliked Helloween.

2. Saxon – Princess of the Night

Princess of the Night. This song was and is cool as shit.

3. Candlemass – Solitude

What an absolutely epic song. Still love it.

4. Stratovarius – Against the Wind

For some strange reason i used to like this song.

5. Therion – To Mega Therion

Ok. I know what you might say. This song sounds a bit kitsch. But to be honest back in the day it sounded really cool.

6. Skyclad – Inequality Street

Maximum respect to Skyclad. I wanna thank them for this song.

7. Running Wild – Conquistadores

Because we all liked pirates and Running Wild had some nice albums.

8. Sentenced – Nepenthe

This song used to be one of my favorites. Miika Tenkula rest in peace.

9. Paradise Lost – As i Die

A classic one. I still have a really old mixtape with this song.

10. Metallica – One

Metallica. No significant reason why. We all loved them.


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