Missiles of October – Don’t Panic

Hello, this is the first day of September that it really felt like Autumn. Apart from that we’ re back today with yet another review. We’ ve got some really cool stuff for you, this time from Belgium. Missiles of October is a three piece band from Bruxelles. Back in March they released ”Don’ t Panic” Lp. Lionel, who is also the band’ s bassist, sent us a message requesting a review. So we decided to listen to their album. This is their latest release. Eleven tracks are included in this album.  Their sound could be described as a blend of hardcore punk and metal. As for their lyrics, you can see that they are punk rock oriented. Their music will bring you to mind bands like Black Flag and Sick of it All. Really nice groove can be found here along with a lot of cool beatdown parts. One can also appreciate their singer’s vocals. I liked the fact that they sound really old-school. I singled out three really awesome tracks. These are ”Don’t Panic”, ”Wannabee” and ”Dance with Me”. This is music that is meant to be heard loud. Your neighbors are not going to like that but there is no other way. In my attempt to reach a conclusion i would have to say that this is a nice release. If you’ re looking for a powerful punk album to listen to you will be fully satisfied. This album will not change the way you perceive music. But you’ re gonna bang your head really hard to many of its songs. Links:


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