Myrkur – Myrkur

Hello, today we review a black metal album. Myrkur is a one woman project from Denmark. ”Myrkur” which was released on the 16th of September is her newest release. Actually Myrkur means darkness in icelandic. You can find seven songs in this album. Atmospheric/epic black metal is the case hear. It will bring you to mind bands like Ulver (especially the first three albums – the black metal trilogy) and slightly some Third and the Mortal perhaps. Myrkur’ s voice is definitely great. I think she sounds like a forest Elf or like a Siren. She has managed to create a cold album with some nice black metal riffs. Her music is surely intriguing, while her voice can be described only as enchanting. Perhaps one could say that she put too much ethereal vocals in parts where she should use harsh vocals. It’ s definitely music i can relate to. And ”Nattens Barn” is definitely an excellent song. In my opinion it’ s the album’s best song, to be followed by ”Ma Du Braende i Helvede”. So the question is, is this a good album? Well it’ s definitely a good album. This album will make you dream, it will help you escape daily routine. But you can’ t compare it to monumental albums like ”Bergtatt , ”Heart of the Ages’ and ”Det Som Engang Var”. That’ s my opinion. Nevertheless it’ s not necessarily the right one. This album is specially recommended for fans of Ulver, Enslaved, In the Woods and Agalloch. Links:


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