Rodha – Welter Through The Ashes

Hello everyone we’ re back with some heavy stuff for you, this time from Germany. Rodha is a four piece band from Hamburg. Their sound is a blend of sludge, heavy rock and hardcore. ”Welter Through the Ashes was released on the 13th of September and it is their newest release. Their album is an unexpected, pleasant surprise that one can find in Bandcamp. Let me explain myself. Nine tracks are included in today’ s album. Once you press play you quickly start to realize that these guys are not messin’ around. What happens is that you get overwhelmed by their awesome riffs and their basslines. Even though their sound is very close to sludge, i don’ t think you can solely describe them as that. You can trace a lot of heavy rock/stoner in their music, as well as nice melodic parts. In my opinion their songs are greatly structured. For example in their songs they speed up when they have to and they lower their tempo gracefully enough. Everything seems to fit. Even some nice effects that they use. Their singer’ s vocals are cool in my opinion. Today’ s album is an album that you can’ t pick songs in a random order to listen to. That’ s my impression from it. Nevertheless find in this album three sons of exquisite, heavy music. These songs are ”Welter Through the Ashes”, ”Weak Little Souls” and ”Thousand Headed Goddess”. So to sum up, this is a very nice release. I think sludge/doom/stoner fans are really gonna like it. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Welter Through the Ashes”:


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