Abandon – In Reality We Suffer (2004)

”Where has this album been all these years ?”, ”and why the heck haven’t i never listened to it before?”. These were two questions that i needed to answer the first time i listened  to this album. One possible answer is that the underground scene is enormous, and that there are also unbelievable bands that we may never hear in our lives. Today we review a colossal, heavy album. This album is called ”In Reality we Suffer”. And it was released 10 years ago. Significantly it was released on September, back in 2004. The band’ s name is Abandon. Now, Abandon come from Gothenburg, Sweden. Their music is a blend of sludge, doom and some hardcore also. Initially nine songs were included in this album. In 2014′ s reissue two more have been added. As for the album what can one say about this amazing album? Artists usually write these stuff when they get totally inspired. Or perhaps when they go through a lot of pain. I can’t say that i’m sure. In today’s album we have eleven tracks that form an astonishing night’s madrigal. The way i see it, this is a work that can be described as a work of bitter beauty. It’ s heaviness is immense. Some might say it has a ”fuck me jesus” atmosphere, but i think no one can deny that this is music made from the heart. The singer literary means every goddamn line. We’ re talking about some awesome vocals. Listen to their incredible riffs, just let yourself get sank into their dark cosmos. Two favorite songs from this album are definitely ”Somnambulistic” and ”Will gladly Perish”. Truly incredible songs. ”In Reality We Suffer” has been like a revelation to me. I wish i had known its existence all these years. Definitely recommended for fans of Eyehategod, Iron Monkey, Neurosis and Beaten back to pure. So if you’ re a fan of the bands that are listed above do yourself a favor and listen to today’ s album. I swear it you won’t regret it. Finally what i want to say is, Johan Karlzon rest in peace.


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