Pord – Wild

Pord is a three piece band from Lozère, France. Their music is an exciting mixture of metal, noise rock and hardcore punk. The band was formed back in 2002. On the 8th of September they released their newest release which is called ”Wild”. Seven tracks are included in this 12” Lp. Before i begin with this review i would like to comment on the album’s front cover art. I really liked it. It looks to me like a piece of Polynesian art. So back to the album then. Their music is definitely heavy. You can trace a lot of mathcore stuff here as well as some Melvins and Mars Volta perhaps. The band homogenizes its influences ideally and delivers us an album that can be easily described as intriguing. Listening to this album i was like ”this is some fly stuff here,i wanna see how this album unfolds”. And it did unfold greatly. It felt really good that it lived up to my expectations. Find in this album some awesome riffs and monstrous basslines. I also liked how the singer uses his vocals. Really nice ones. I think they add up significantly to the whole work. Definitely ”Pools ‘n’ Chicks” is my favorite track from this album. To be perfectly honest i focused a lot on that song. So to sum up i would definitely say that this is a cool album. Specially recommended for fans of Botch, Coalesce, Unsane, Mars Volta. So if you’ re a fan of the bands that are listed above go check today’s album. You won’ t regret it. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Wild” Lp:


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