Essence Beyond – Carnivalism

Essence beyond is three piece band from Athens, Greece. They play death metal, or brutal death metal if you will. Back in June they released ”Carnivalism” ep. Five tracks are included in this ep. Approximately thirteen minutes of staggering music. In their music they incorporate elements from bands like Death, Malevolant Creation and Incantation. In my opinion their vocals are cool. If you like brutal death metal growls then you’ ll definitely like this one. Personally i liked their kataklysmic riffs . Cool basslines can be found here. Basslines that will make your teeth grind. Some of you might have heard these stuff before, some of you may not. I don’t believe that they’ re aiming to redefine death metal. But the band’s music sounds inspired and fresh. In my opinion death metal fans should definitely check out this ep. This is not the kind of music your neighbors like, but you must play it loud. Links:


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