Mastodon don’t go as hard as they used to.

I think it was like eight years ago. I was talking to a friend of mine and i remember him saying ”you should seriously check out this band”. Just out of curiosity i went to the record store and bought ”Remission”. That album was the shit! I remember being so impressed by their music. I was listening to Remission for months. I didn’t want to listen to anything else. I also bought ”Leviathan”. ”Blood and Thunder” is definitely super heavy. The immensity of the groove of that song is huge. Well, Mastodon’s first two albums are my favorite ones. Nevertheless i don’t believe that their other albums are lesser works. I believe that they have always delivered. When i found out that they had released a new album i wanted immediately to listen to it. I mean we’ re talking about Mastodon. This band was and is huge to me. So the band released ”Once More ‘Round the Sun” back in June. It’s a good album. But the thing is, the band has changed its music a lot. You can still trace some old Mastodon in their latest album. But you will not find any vocals like the ones they had back in the day. And you won’t definitely find explosive tracks like ”March of the Fire Ants”. It’s still music i can relate to. Brann Dailor is still a beast behind the drums. But as i have already said it’s just a bit different. Nevertheless i liked songs like ”Once more ’round the sun” and ”Crimes at midnight”. Cool stuff there. The album’s front cover art is a work of art. And as for the album’s production, it’s perfect. Overall this is a cool release. But their four first albums are better in my opinion.


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