Art 238 – Atavism


Today, once again we review a death metal album. Art 238 come from Rennes, France and they play death metal. Now that’s a strange name for a band some might say. I guess there’s a story behind it that we’ re not aware of. ”Atavism” ep is their latest release. Damien from the band sent us a message requesting a review. So we decided to listen to this ep. Three tracks are included in this ep. Their tracks may seem to you chaotic when you listen to them for the first time. But sometimes through chaos comes order. First track is called ”Regressive Evolution”. You can trace some black metal in this track in my opinion. This industrial drums sound brought to my mind the band Mysticum. But make no mistake death metal is the case here. If you’ re a Septic Flesh fan then you’ re definitely gonna like ”Mephitic Manifesto”. ”S.O.T.A (Sons of the Atom)” is a nice one as well. It’s definitely music i can relate to. I think that the band has blended different styles effectively. As for their death metal vocals, i find them to be great. The thing that some people might have a problem with is the programmed drums. But i believe that in this case they fit. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Atavism”:


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