Bleak – Bleak

Hello, today we review a hardcore album. Yesterday while being on bandcamp’s page i was lucky enough to bump into this album ep. Bleak is a four piece band from New York. Their music is a blend of metallic hardcore, sludge and some noisecore. Five tracks are included in this ep. These tracks form an album of immense, heavy music. Find here some perfect beatdown music along with great sludge. Some noisecore can be found also. Remember Botch? All of their influences have been used greatly to form a fully homogenized work. Their vocals are simply great. These vocals sound inspired, old school and fresh as well. Both ”Missive” and ”Simple” are great songs, but ”Bridge Burner” is fuckin’ awesome. In my opinion when artists get really inspired they write songs like ”Bridge Burner”. This song is really addictive. You’ ll want to hear it over and over again. This is a really nice release. Can we please have more music from this band? Because five tracks are not sufficient. Definitely recommended for hardcore fans. Here are some links where you can also check out ”Bleak” ep:


The nostalgic post of the day

Hello. Today i want to share with you ten songs that remind me of my teenage years. I still listen to some of these songs. So here are my ten songs. There are more than ten songs, but i picked these ten:

1. Helloween – I Want Out

Ah back in the day i was a big fan of this band. I think everybody liked this band. I’ ve never met anyone who disliked Helloween.

2. Saxon – Princess of the Night

Princess of the Night. This song was and is cool as shit.

3. Candlemass – Solitude

What an absolutely epic song. Still love it.

4. Stratovarius – Against the Wind

For some strange reason i used to like this song.

5. Therion – To Mega Therion

Ok. I know what you might say. This song sounds a bit kitsch. But to be honest back in the day it sounded really cool.

6. Skyclad – Inequality Street

Maximum respect to Skyclad. I wanna thank them for this song.

7. Running Wild – Conquistadores

Because we all liked pirates and Running Wild had some nice albums.

8. Sentenced – Nepenthe

This song used to be one of my favorites. Miika Tenkula rest in peace.

9. Paradise Lost – As i Die

A classic one. I still have a really old mixtape with this song.

10. Metallica – One

Metallica. No significant reason why. We all loved them.

Electric Wizard – Time to Die

Electric-Wizard-Time-To-Die-ArtworkToday the sky turns black. Horrific creatures emerge from the deepest and darkest crypts. The most pleasurable nightmare has returned. All the way from Dorset, England, it’ s your favorite, my favorite, the one and only Electric Wizard.

First of all, allow me to state that here in Tzertzelos we all love this band. I re member it was back in 2000. I had read an interview in Metal Hammer of a rather obscure, strange man called Jus Oborn. He had this band called Electric Wizard and they had just released an album called ”Dopethrone”. Just out of curiosity i went to the record store and bought it. Irrelevant perhaps but there are still record stores in the town that still overcharge! Some people still feed on other people’ s romanticism.

”Dopethrone” is still one of my favorite albums. This album is insanely heavy. In a way it was a bit innovative and different from other releases of that time. It was an album with a personality of its own. I mean these guys took the Black Sabbath vibe and took it to a whole other level.

The band has released a total of eight albums. ”Time to Die” is their newest release. Find in this album nine cold blooded, dark hymns to despair and agony. Electric Wizard are back with another album that can only be described as another classic Wizard album. Jus Oborn’ s vocals still sound eerie and mystical. Find in this release whatever is expected in an Electric Wizard release. Huge monolithic riffs that sound like a tormented soul that will haunt your soundsystem for a long time. Fuckin’ awesome basslines are still, while an occult, heavy space rock is of course predominant. The band’ s music is gonna make you high. Personally i can’ t stop listening to ”Sadiowitch”. In my opinion it is the album’ s best track. The album’ s front cover art is once again great. It has achieved 100% to give you a first impression of the darkness that lurks inside the album.

I think that September ends with a great album. I think that the band has delivered once again. A band that is really passionate about its music. Doom/sludge/heavy rock fans should definitely check out this album. Just delve into their music and you will not regret it. Find a stream of the album here:

Missiles of October – Don’t Panic

Hello, this is the first day of September that it really felt like Autumn. Apart from that we’ re back today with yet another review. We’ ve got some really cool stuff for you, this time from Belgium. Missiles of October is a three piece band from Bruxelles. Back in March they released ”Don’ t Panic” Lp. Lionel, who is also the band’ s bassist, sent us a message requesting a review. So we decided to listen to their album. This is their latest release. Eleven tracks are included in this album.  Their sound could be described as a blend of hardcore punk and metal. As for their lyrics, you can see that they are punk rock oriented. Their music will bring you to mind bands like Black Flag and Sick of it All. Really nice groove can be found here along with a lot of cool beatdown parts. One can also appreciate their singer’s vocals. I liked the fact that they sound really old-school. I singled out three really awesome tracks. These are ”Don’t Panic”, ”Wannabee” and ”Dance with Me”. This is music that is meant to be heard loud. Your neighbors are not going to like that but there is no other way. In my attempt to reach a conclusion i would have to say that this is a nice release. If you’ re looking for a powerful punk album to listen to you will be fully satisfied. This album will not change the way you perceive music. But you’ re gonna bang your head really hard to many of its songs. Links:

Myrkur – Myrkur

Hello, today we review a black metal album. Myrkur is a one woman project from Denmark. ”Myrkur” which was released on the 16th of September is her newest release. Actually Myrkur means darkness in icelandic. You can find seven songs in this album. Atmospheric/epic black metal is the case hear. It will bring you to mind bands like Ulver (especially the first three albums – the black metal trilogy) and slightly some Third and the Mortal perhaps. Myrkur’ s voice is definitely great. I think she sounds like a forest Elf or like a Siren. She has managed to create a cold album with some nice black metal riffs. Her music is surely intriguing, while her voice can be described only as enchanting. Perhaps one could say that she put too much ethereal vocals in parts where she should use harsh vocals. It’ s definitely music i can relate to. And ”Nattens Barn” is definitely an excellent song. In my opinion it’ s the album’s best song, to be followed by ”Ma Du Braende i Helvede”. So the question is, is this a good album? Well it’ s definitely a good album. This album will make you dream, it will help you escape daily routine. But you can’ t compare it to monumental albums like ”Bergtatt , ”Heart of the Ages’ and ”Det Som Engang Var”. That’ s my opinion. Nevertheless it’ s not necessarily the right one. This album is specially recommended for fans of Ulver, Enslaved, In the Woods and Agalloch. Links:

Merzbow’ s music is odd, really odd.

Masami Akita, a.k.a Merzbow comes from Tokyo, Japan. He is a musician as well as a writer. He has been making music for more than 30 years. Actually, this man has released 274 studio albums! He has also collaborated with many artists like Ulver, Boris, Nord & Jazzkammer. A lot of people have tried over the years, including myself, to describe his music. I’ m not sure if anyone has been successful. Personally i haven’ t. I mean how can one describe it? Is it avant garde? Is it noise music or is it perhaps dark ambient? Maybe it’ s a combination of all the above. Or then again it’s not even music. I don’ t know.

The first Merzbow album i listened to was ”Pulse Demon”. I don’ t know what led me to that decision. Maybe the trippy front cover art. Personally i had never listened to anything like that before. It was what i like to call unstructured music. There was total absence of rhythm or any melody. A friend of mine told me that this might me Merzbow’ s perception of heavy metal. If that is true then Merzbow has a clearly strange perception of heavy metal. I never managed to finish listening ”Pulse Demon”. I t was impossible for me to do that. Maybe this man wants deliberately to make music that people won’ t like.

But then again there are some people that claim Merzbow made many people to think of music in a different way. He is one of the artists that removed music from its classic norms. Nevertheless Merzbow’ s approach to music can lead to some misunderstandings. Many years ago a friend of mine came to my house and brought some cd’ s with him. So i took ”Metropolis pt. II” by Dreamtheater and put in my soundsystem. But the thing is that there was something wrong with my soundsystem. And it started producing these weird noises. So i said then ”Hmmm, that’ s interesting”. And my friend said ”no dude, your cd player is broken.

Nevertheless there is a track that i like. Merzbow participated in a collective album called ”1993-2003: 1st Decade in the Machines”. There you can find many remixes on Ulver songs from many artists, Merzbow being among others. What Merzbow did was to make a ”sound collage” if you will. He took pieces from the black metal trilogy of Ulver and made ”Vow me Ibrzu”. This track may be the most tolerable track by Merzbow.

No one can analyze or talk about his art on five or six paragraphs. But the way i see it he is a controversial figure. I believe that many people will claim that his music is pure noise and painful to their ears, while others will claim that he is influenced by dadaism and surrealism and that his sound escapes all typical norms. I can’ t say that i’ m sure. Nevertheless if curiosity ever leads you to listen to his music, have courage. Here’ a small sample of the Merzbow kosmos:

Aphex Twin – Syro


Hello, who would have thought that Man. Utd would do so bad lately? I’m  really puzzled about its performance lately. But i’ m sure the team will do better later. Apart from my irrelevant intro, news is that we have a new Aphex Twin album.

Basically Aphex Twin is the stage name of Richard David James. A very talented man no doubt. Over the years he has released many albums. Some good, some mediocre, but also some great ones. I remember the first time i listen to ”Selected Ambient Works 85 – 92”. It was  something new to me. I had never listened to anything like that before. That album has a great atmosphere, and its songs have personality. You can’ t easily forget them. Especially ”Xtal”. That’ s easily my favorite Aphex Twin track. It has a melody that sticks to your mind forever. In case you’ ve never heard it, here’ s a link for you:

”Syro” was released on September 19. His last album which was ”Drukqs” was released thirteen years ago. Everybody seemed to be stoked about the new Aphex Twin album so i wanted to see what the fuss was all about. The truth is that i hadn’ t listen to Aphex Twin for some time. Twelve tracks are included in ”Syro”. I’ m not sure if we should think of this album as a new full length album, or as a collection of songs recorded over the years. But i think we’ re dealing with the second case. Because i think that James did exactly that.

As for the album i have to say that i was drinking my coffee while i was listening to it. And i would be a liar if i said that was relaxing. It was not. Certainly i think ”Syro” has taken a shift from ”Drukqs”. I have the impression that it is less melodic. And i hate to say that, but some songs sound rather indifferent. Take for example ”Circlont6a [Syrobonkus Mix]”. Didn’ t like it at all. Can’ t say the same about ”Xmas_Evet10 [Thanaton3 Mix]”. I really liked that one. Productionwise i would have to say that this is a good album. It has some good ides. And several parts of it will remind you a bit of 70’s or 80’s electro. But personally i would have to say that i consider this album o.k. I neither hated it or loved it. I think ”Drukqs” was better.